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Venetian Plaster and Plaster wall effects



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Children's Rooms.

First in a series of 3 tutorials, Decorating Children's Rooms will teach you how to transform the entire room by decorating walls, adding accents and painting furniture.



Get an over view of the how-to's about glazing.

Learn the difference between;
Latex glazing and
Oil glazing.

Build your vocabulary of glazing definitions, terms and techniques.




Antiquing Center Furniture Center Color Center Gilding Center Plaster Effects

Learn to create these decorative painting techniques for your home and office.
Each techniques are ideally suited for walls, furniture, objects and ceilings! 
Special Features
artSparx Color Learning Center
Fine Art Techniques


Color washing
Latex glazing  Easy
Oil / Alkyd glazing  Moderate

Rag rolling
Latex glaze - neg. method Moderate
Latex glaze - pos. method Easy
Oil glaze - pos. method Moderate

Latex sponging Easy

Stenciling techniques and tips

Stippling animated clip!
Latex glazing Moderate
Oil / Alkyd glazing Moderate

Striee glazing
Latex glazing Easy
Oil / Alkyd glazing Easy

Pouncing animated clip! techniques
Latex glazing Moderate
Oil / Alkyd glazing Moderate

Dragging techniques
Latex glazing Easy
Oil / Alkyd glazing Easy

Ask artSparx - Question and answer forum
Gilding Techniques at the artSparx Gilded Corner
Gold leafing techniques
Silver leafing techniques
Imitation leaf gilding techniques
Exterior Gilding Techniques
Gilding Ceilings and large surfaces - Walls and more.
7 essential gilding tips
Gilding terminology
Gilding Supplies and special offers

Painting Sky Murals

Cloud and sky paintings can be a simple representation or an elaborate painted affair. Learn how to create your own.

Simulated Fresco Treatments

Create rustic character or contemporary sophistication with these easy to follow plaster effects and simulated Fresco techniques.

Red Lacquer

This simulated polished red lacquer effect is perfect for creating a wonderful Asian influence in any environment. Transform simple furniture, or elaborately carved ornament into a beautiful keep sake.

Marbleizing animated clip! This vibrant Ochre marble can make your simplest furniture look grand.
Carrara White Marble
Create this classic white marble treatment on any surface!

Furniture glazing

Antique furniture with this classic glaze. Create a hand polished ivory finish that professionals will envy. 

Delft tiles

Learn to paint these classic tiles, ideal suited for back splashes, decorative trays and objects, fire place surrounds, or just about anywhere you want to add a splash of old world charm.

Antique wood grain

animated clip! Produce this rustic finish with the appearance of antique wood grain.

Weathered doors and windows

This simple distressed finish evokes time worn comfort and easy living. A perfect decorative paint finish to complement color-washed walls.

Silver leafing

animated clip! Gilding made easy!
Gold or silver leaf any object, quickly and easily. Basic gilding techniques, terms and principles.

More tutorials
Gilding techniques- Color mixing recipes - Antiquing methods -
'Classic Antique' glaze - and much more!

Special Feature

Exclusively at artSparx!

The Antique Corner
Adding the finishing touches to your furniture, decorative object or gilt surface requires just the right know-how. artSparx delivers the expertise to give your project a sophisticated finish with an extra glow.
Basic Antiquing Techniques
Antiquing is the process of aging a surface to produce a time-worn appearance. There are many methods of antiquing objects, furniture, mural paintings and wall surfaces. 

Gilding made easy!
Canvas stretching
Picture and painting framing tips
Transferring patterns and images to any surface 
Create perfect ovals and circles 
Lettering made simple

Wood Staining - Furniture staining 
Patching drywall 
Basic techniques to master
Preparing your Surfaces
Priming - interior, exterior, and furniture
Material and product descriptions 
Paint & varnish removers
Sanding techniques
Sealers & sealants
Solvents & thinners



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