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artSparx.com has become a leading online destination for Internet users seeking ideas and inspiration for their own homes and offices. In addition, artSparx has become a valuable resource and educational center for artists, students and educational professionals. Approximately 100,000 unique visitors come to the site monthly, where they find extensive Period, Historic and Thematic Design Style information, step-by-step how-to projects,  video tips, color ideas and recipes, over 5,000 question and answers on the 'Ask artSparx' message boards and much more.

Here are some exclusive advertising opportunities available on the site:

  • Topical Content packages specifically tailored for a sponsor: With 100's of projects, features and articles on the site we can create unique content packages targeted towards an advertisers specific demographic needs. Pick an interior improvement or educational topic or channel relevant to your audience, and we can create a package that will attract significant online traffic. Some examples of Topical Content packages we've created so far: ArtSparx Design Style Features, Furniture Effects Center, The Kid's Room, Antiquing Center, The Gilded Corner, Artists Resource Center, and many, many more.
  • Newsletters: With the growing membership base of both subscribing (pay for) and regular registered members (free), artSparx.com has a community of over 10,000 opt-in members that request regular content and product information from artSparx.com. Our primary out-reach to these members is through the artSparx Newsletters, sent monthly. In addition, specialty promotions can be sent on a regular basis by advertisers and sponsors.
  • Custom Sponsorship Opportunities are available upon request. If you are interested in a custom sponsorship, please contact an artSparx Sponsorship representative at sponsorships@artsparx.com.

    If you do not want to advertise but have questions about artSparx programs or the content of this site, please click here.

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You can also specify areas within the websites that you would like your ad placed, or elect for complete website coverage.

With over 4 million hits per month and 5,000 unique visitors coming to
artSparx daily, you can get your message seen by the people interested specifically in your product.

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