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An accent glaze, highlighting the furniture details adds the finishing touches.


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Gold Leaf Application and Antique Restoration

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions for various gold leafing and restoration techniques.



Furniture Antiquing
Classic Striee Ivory Finish
For use on furniture, objects, and in fine arts techniques

Rating 2.5 -moderate


This is a classic decorative technique that can be used on any kind of furniture, cabinetry, objects and door and trim details.



The following step-by-step was created on furniture found at a charity shop. The tutorial for the Ochre Marble top can be found at 

Ochre marble effect

We started with a found piece of furniture. It possesses a nice shape, but was in pretty poor condition. We decided on a light antique striee glaze on the cabinet and a strong, robust ochre marble for the top.

This step-by-step tutorial includes:

  • Basic material requirements

  • Preparing the surface

  • Under coating

  • Mixing your glaze

  • Color palette - color recipe

  • Glazing a door with inset panel. Illustrated diagram

  • Accenting your furniture

  • Applying a protective varnish coat

artSparxPro members go to the antiquing furniture
 step-by-step tutorial now.

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Gilding Feature

Silver leafing made easy.

Transform everyday objects into heirlooms. The process known as gilding simply means the
application of gold or silver leaf to a surface that has been properly prepared with an adhesive
known as 'gold size'.
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"Poetry is superior to painting in the presentation of words, and painting is superior to poetry in the presentation of facts"

Leonardo da Vinci  1452-1519



Interior Style design features

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