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Japanese Style

Japanese style can run the gamut from sophisticated to rustic, but it often creates a pleasing mix of both extremes, with an emphasis on minimalism and natural materials.

This step-by-step tutorial includes:

  • Basic material requirements

  • Preparing the surface

  • Priming and undercoating

  • Choosing the base color

  • Applying the base color

  •  Creating the 'black lacquer' glaze - color and mixing recipe

  • Applying the 'lacquer' glaze

  • Special glazing techniques - Glazing a door with inset panel.

  • Accenting your lacquered object

  •  Optional second glazes and waxing

  • Applying a protective varnish coat


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At artSparx this week

Andrei Petrov 
in his New York Studio

Artist Andrei Petrov featured
on the exciting new NBC TV program
Premier showing March 4, 2004!

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artSparx Book Store Special

Japanese Style

Japanese Style

A look at how the Japanese live today, as expressed through interior design. 300 pp., 770 color photographs.


Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight into Beauty

Unknown Craftsman:
A Japanese Insight into Beauty

Mr. Yanagi sees folk art as a manifestation of the essential world from which art, philosophy, and religion arise and in which the barriers between them disappear. The implications of the author's ideas are both far-reaching and practical.

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Mixing colors to make a glaze can sometimes be a daunting task. 
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