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Color washing

Soft and watery, 
or bold and striking. 
This decorative effect creates the appearance of floating color.

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Create your own Caribbean color scheme!

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Tropical Fruit

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Furniture made from local materials

colorful fabrics

beach bungalows



A stroll through Old Havana transports you to another time!

You take in pastel-hued colonial buildings, arcades, wooden balconies, and interior courtyards.  In Barbados, you come across Georgian townhouses built of coral limestone cut from ancient sea cliffs. Candy-colored, Dutch-gabled facades jostle each other along the narrow streets of Curacao.  In Montego Bay, brightly painted cottages surround a cobblestoned town square -- the perfect place to take refuge from the tropical sun with a tall, cool drink.

The Caribbean is a lively array of cultures, set like jewels in a landscape of white beaches, blue mountains and emerald jungle. Along with steel drums, relaxed island culture, and cuisine both spicy and sweet, the charm and vibrancy of Caribbean design make an indelible impression.  While many of the basic forms are European -- Dutch, Jacobean, Spanish baroque -- the colors are as vivid as the natural landscape.  Houses in shades of mango, lime and dazzling whitewash glow alongside jewel-toned orchids and clear blue ocean.  Perfectly manicured green lawns give way to pure white sands.


Venetian Plaster and Plaster wall effects

Create authentic, colorful textured wall treatments using traditional Venetian and Stucco Plaster Effects. Smooth, polished and textured surfaces can be easily achieved for interior and exterior surfaces.

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Caribbean design reassembles diverse indigenous,  African and European elements to suit a tropical environment.  Steep gabled roofs and low facades deflect powerful tradewinds.  Gingerbread fretwork, wide verandas, and shuttered windows shade interiors from the island sun.  Materials like coral and palms come from the local landscape; the region's history as a crossroads adds ballast bricks from colonial ships, hardwoods and corrugated tin.

Simplicity with a touch of colonial elegance provide the foundation for a Caribbean style room.  Furniture in white wicker, of course, and mahogany. Floors of natural tile or hardwood, and walls in bright white or tropical color. Shutters (if possible, on three-part jalousie windows) and ceiling fans are a necessity -- as are white linens and a mojito at your elbow...

Elements of Style:

Fabrics: Colorful table cloths with images of regional items such as fruits, hibiscus flowers and sea life. Light weight, sheer cotton, blowing lazily in the wind, hang from most windows. Colorful batique fabrics are worn as sarongs and accents to island dress.

Walls: Lime washed walls, and strong color over stucco wall surfaces. Indigenous woods are used as paneling for the more stately colonial homes. Contrasting colors, such as blues and coral tones, accent trim and window surrounds.

Floors: Rough, bleached pine floors are covered with sisal carpets or cotton rag floor throws. Tile and stone are common choices, easily cleaned with a bucket of water and an aggressive mopping.

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Woman With Fruit
Woman With Fruit
Gauguin, Paul
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 Tropical Panel II
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