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Benjamin Moore 
soft pumpkin
Latex Eggshell sheen

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Tinting Colors

Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber

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The colors represented on your computer monitor may not accurately depict the true glaze color. However, a fair approximation will result.
Due to the hand mixed - custom nature of each glaze recipe, your final results may slightly differ from images represented on the artSparx web site.

artSparx Color Palette


Colorant refers to the type of product that will create the pigment in your glaze.

Examples of colorants are:

Universal Tinters
Artist Acrylic Paint
Artist Oil colors


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Burnt Orange Color mixing recipe

Rating 2 -moderate

For use on walls, furniture, objects, and in fine arts techniques


Notes on the base color

Choosing a paint supplier.
Though artSparx refers to Benjamin Moore paint colors, you can take your color request to any paint supplier and they can color match any color, by any manufacturer.

Other recommended paint manufacturers include Pittsburgh Paint, Pratt and Lambert, Behr, Sherman Williams, TrueValue, Best, and Ace brands.



artSparx Color mixing ratio:

About tinters and colorant
This color recipe can be achieved by using Universal tinters, artist acrylic paint (for water based glazing) and artist oil paint (for oil-based glazing). For more information about these products click here.

Burnt Orange color mixing ratio
ratio 10:3:1 - Burnt Sienna:Burnt Umber:Raw Umber

Mix ten parts Burnt Sienna with three parts Burnt Umber, and one part Raw Umber. Add colorant to Glazing liquid and/or Floetrol

So 30 drops of Burnt Sienna to 9 drops Burnt Umber and 3 drops Raw Umber mixed in 1 quart of glazing liquid. You may need to add more (like 50 drops BS to 15 drops BU to 5 drops RU.) so mix some up, rub on wall as a test, then add more tinter as needed.

The basic glazing process - water based method

For the full tutorial on color washing visit artSparx Color Washing. For other decorative techniques, including rag rolling, sponging, marbleizing and wood graining visit the artSparx Decorative Effects center.

Getting Ready:
You will need 2 plastic buckets, 2.5 gallon or larger. One will hold your glaze mix and the other just plain tap water. 

Bucket 1 will have glazing liquid, tinter (colorant of your choice) and water mixed in. The amount varies on the size of your room. A quart of glazing liquid will be sufficient for most large rooms ( i.e. 12 x 18 ft or so). 
Pour the glazing liquid in, then slowly add drops of tinter until you reach the desired color. Follow the recipe above. Add 1/8 cup water to make it easier to mix. 

Test the color in a non conspicuous area of the room, then wipe off when you achieve a color tone you are comfortable with. 

artSparx Specials

Latex Blend & Glaze Decorative Painting Liquid

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A semi-translucent glazing and blending medium used to create faux finishes and decorative painting techniques. Mixes perfectly with interior latex paint, universal tints, or artist water colorants. Creates a non-yellowing finish that is washable and durable. Spreads and brushes easily and sets slowly for easy wiping and blending.  May be used on virtually all interior surfaces other than floors and on exterior surfaces not exposed to severe weathering. Clean up with soap and water.

The 'Master Glaze':
You have created you ‘master glaze’. Now that you have your color, you will need to dilute it by adding more water. Again experiment. Depending on how dark you want your walls to be will determine the quantity of water added. 
For a light, soft, floating look, add more water to thin the glaze considerably. For a darker, richer look add less water, leaving your glaze thicker. 

Your second bucket has plain water in it. The quantity does not matter because you will use this water only for dipping one of your sponges into, the washing over the wall to make it wet before you start applying your glaze with the other sponge (or brush). When the bucket runs out of water, just fill it up again and continue as needed.

For more color wash details click here.

Use this glazing mixture with any number of decorative effects. For a full list of decorative techniques visit artSparx Step-by-Step tutorials.


Colorant Quick Chart

Glaze method
Colorant Uses Solvent
Oil Glaze*  Artists Oil  Walls, Furniture, objects,
Fine Art painting, Crackle Effects
M. Spirits/ Turpenoid
  Japan Pigment Furniture, objects, M. Spirits/ Turpenoid
  Universal Tinters Walls, Furniture, objects, Marbling
Decorative Glazing, Wood-graining        Murals, Faux finishes
 M. Spirits/ Turpenoid
Acrylic Glaze* Artists Acrylic  Walls, Furniture, Objects,
Fine Art Painting  
  Universal Tinters  Walls, Furniture, Objects, Marbling
Decorative Glazing, Wood-graining      Murals, Faux finishes

*Note; For large areas, walls and specialty finishes, the addition of glaze coat and/or varnish will be necessary.

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