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The Color Wheel Big Color Wheel 27 in. diameter large color mixing tool

Large enough to permit students to learn color mixing and basic color relationships by employing "hands on" techniques. 27 in. diameter is 300% larger than standard wheel.


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Mixing colors to make a glaze can sometimes be a daunting task. 
artSparx is here to make your job a little easier. Following are color mixing essentials, recipes and basic principles to help you get started.

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These color tones have all been created using glazes. They are hand mixed using Universal tinters, artist acrylic paint or artist oil paint blended with Glazing liquid and applied over a specific base color. Each recipe includes exact base-color specs, color mixing ratios and guides on glazing techniques. Simply choose the color you want, or learn the basic color combinations and create your own custom colors.

Note: due to the hand mixed - custom nature of each glaze recipe, your results may differ slightly.

Each step-by-step tutorial includes:

precise and accurate information...including exact base colors and mixing ratios!

  • Use the correct base colors:
  • Creating a glaze:
        The Colorant:
        The Mixing Ratio:
  • Mixing the glaze
  • The basic glazing process
  • Getting Ready
  • Testing your glaze mixture
  • Quick Chart: Proper use of colorants

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Advanced color principles 

Work with the color experts at to develop a custom color that is designed specifically for your project.

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Historic Paint Colors

Colonial Style Late Victorian
Federal Style   Late Victorian
      Queen Anne
Early Victorian    
  Greek Revival Colonial Revival
  Gothic Revival Bungalow
Italianate Style    

artSparx Specials

Latex Blend & Glaze Decorative Painting Liquid

A semi-translucent glazing and blending medium used to create faux finishes and decorative painting techniques. Mixes perfectly with interior latex paint, universal tints, or artist water colorants. Creates a non-yellowing finish that is washable and durable. Spreads and brushes easily and sets slowly for easy wiping and blending.  May be used on virtually all interior surfaces other than floors and on exterior surfaces not exposed to severe weathering. Clean up with soap and water.

More great artSparx features:

The colors represented on your computer monitor may not accurately depict the true glaze color. However, a fair approximation will result.
Due to the hand mixed - custom nature of each glaze recipe, your final results may slightly differ from images represented on the artSparx web site.

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rag rolling

Color wash

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Antiquing Methods and Principles     

The "Classic antique glaze
This glaze mixture is the essential antique color recipe. Understand what colors to use, and how to mix them. Including accent antique methods like weathering, physical distressing, and creating fly specks and worm holes.

Antiquing with oil glazes 
What are Universal tinters, Japan colors or artist oil paint? Create the exact glaze you want, using the right materials.

Antiquing with water based glazes 
Whether you use Artist acrylic paints or Universal tinters as you colorant you can create the perfect antique glaze.

Antiquing with waxes
Paste wax, Bowling alley wax, Shoe polish? What's best for you. How to mix them, add colorant and blend to suit all your antiquing needs.

Basic antiquing

Antiquing is the process of aging a surface to produce a time-worn appearance. There are many methods of antiquing objects, furniture, mural paintings and wall surfaces. 

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