Leaded or stained glass windows flood a chapel interior with warm, diffused light.


Weathered doors and windows

This simple distressed finish evokes time worn comfort and easy living. A perfect decorative paint finish to complement color-washed walls.

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A local church evokes history and country charm.

Uncluttered stone walkways and arches

This ancient slate roof offers protection from the English elements.

Small leaded window panes are opened allowing fresh air to enter.

Side entrance to a 
chapel rectory
"Feed my lambs" 
carved over the entrance


An old iron knocker and door handle announce neighbors coming for tea.


In the English countryside, pretty villages dot rolling hills and cobblestones line narrow medieval streets.  Come in through the garden gate, and you'll find a steep thatched roof overhanging ancient leaded glass windows.  Old garden roses creep around the carved oak door.  The grounds, whether a picturesque cottage garden or the rolling parkland of the local manor house, are lovingly cared for.  Everything is fresh, tidy, and welcoming.

On country walks one passes by charming brick walled and slate roofed homes surrounded by welcoming gardens.

Rural England is best seen on foot or bicycle, the better to appreciate ancient towns, medieval chapels, hills full of wildflowers, and enjoyable local traditions. The pace of life is slow, the rural environment unspoiled. Some tiny hamlets seem almost to have escaped modernity altogether, and the summertime fete, the cricket field, and the local rugby team provide the traditional focus for community life.


In ancient towns in the Cotswolds or the Lake District, public space is built on a welcoming, human scale.  Honey-colored stone shop fronts form a pleasing corridor along busy sidewalks. Charming architectural detail, whether medieval or Victorian, is still carefully maintained.  Slate roofs, thatched cottages, wood beam ceilings, and flagstone floors evoke scenes from Dickens or Hardy.

Regional stones are used to construct the walls of many country cottages. While thatched roofs create cozy character.

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Casual elegance in solid wood and wood veneer construction with fine crafted moldings and classic turnings rarely seen in today's furniture. Top ledge for hat or box storage, large rectangular mirror, hooks for hats, coats or bags and roomy lift storage bench. Lustrous satin brown finish.

  • Some assembly required.
  • 70.5"H x 40.25"W x 18.25"D

item #33479

The local pub is homey, with low ceilings, cozy rugs, and dark wood bathed in warm yellow lamplight. Stories, gossip, and local politics are traded here over pints of local ale.  For the weary traveler, a bed and breakfast offers rustic charm, time-darkened wood wainscoting, low-hanging leaded windows. 

go for the Bangers and Mash,
or Fish and chips

A pub interior is quaint and comfortable, perfect spot to down a local English Ale

Craftsmanship is important in English country style: carved wood and stone, wrought iron, the simple yet imposing lines of a classic stone manor house.
English country colors are natural and subtle: dark wood, gray or beige stone, warm ivory walls, perhaps a dark red or green accent wall.  Furniture and wainscoting are carved wood, with Victorian lines.  Lamps are key, with wall sconces or perhaps a rustic iron chandelier creating intimate pools of light and making hand-rubbed wood carvings gleam.  A rug in a nineteenth-century floral pattern can add color, or perhaps a basket of dried wildflowers.

Most rural towns / villages have there own summer 'fete'. Bringing together the local community to celebrate with old fashioned fun, car boot sales, games and vintage tractor rides


No visit to the English country side would be complete without a visit to the cricket field, or a stomp in the mud watching a rugby team


In the summertime, the all-important cottage garden serves as an "outdoor room" where tea and lunch can be served.  The lawn or stone courtyard is surrounded by clipped hedges, climbing roses, forget me nots, bluebells.  An old well cover, a low stone wall, or perhaps an arch clothed by clematis add architectural interest.  Ever-practical, the English cottager includes some vegetables in the landscape: a cucumber frame,  a fruit cage for red currants and gooseberries.


A local street in Woodstock near Oxford. Flower pots hang from every window.


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