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Sepp Metal Composition Leaf  books gold pack of 20

Metal Composition Leaf Packs - 20 Books
Gold - Aluminum - Copper

Made from various metallic alloys that simulate gold or silver. Items covered with imitation leaf will tarnish unless they are varnished or sealed. Sheets of imitation leaf are approximately 5 in. x 5 in. 25 sheets per book, 20 books to a pack. Copper leaf is genuine copper.


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Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Decorating with gold accents can add sophistication, dimension, and importance, not just to the object it embellishes, but to an entire room.


This antiquing glaze creates the soft glow of slightly tarnished silver.

Learn more about
Silver Leaf Methods



How to Gold Leaf exterior surfaces, including architectural details and wrought iron fencing.
Oil size method -

These simple GildedPlanet guidelines will help you produce a professionally finished exterior
gilded project. For iron and metal surfaces, signage, wood and stone.

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Choosing your Gold
content and weight

Gold Content
Leaf Thickness and Weight

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This step-by-step tutorial includes:

Application Techniques

Prime the metal surface with an appropriate metal primer
Apply gilding size (adhesive)
Apply genuine 23.5kt or 23kt gold leaf
Burnish leaf
Sealing your gilt surface
Antiquing Methods
Choosing your Gold content and weight

Gilded Building details made from wood, stone, fiberglass and metal take on the dynamic qualities of gold - its luster and color. The correct selection of gold leaf, its gold content and thickness, will ensure a long lasting gilded ornament.

Gold Content

Gold leaf is manufactured in a wide range of colors and karats. Leaf made from 100% gold is 24kt. To produce a wide variety of colors, copper and silver is mixed with gold. When copper is added, the leaf becomes warmer and richer in tone. When silver is added, the leaf becomes paler in tone. The addition of these other metals lowers the karat value of gold leaf. Gold leaf is manufactured in a range from 9kt "White" to 24kt "Fine Gold".

Gold is completely resistant to corrosion. The addition of silver and copper lowers the resistance of gold leaf to corrosion. However, the copper or silver in 23.75kt or 23kt leaf is so low that it will maintain its integrity outdoors for 30 years or more. A dome, building detail, metal fence or outdoor statue will require a 23kt to 23.75kt leaf that ranges from 96% to 98.5% in purity. Karats less than 23 are recommended for indoor use and many colors and karats are available.

Monarch 23-Karat Gold Leaf  surface gold 25 sheets per book - pack of 20 books

Monarch 23-Karat Gold Leaf

Surface Gold Leaf is used for flat surface gilding or decorating, raised letters or truck lettering. Patent Gold Leaf is recommended when gilding needs to be done outside, especially on a windy day. It cannot be used with water size. One book contains 25 leaves and covers about 1 1/2 square feet. One leaf is 3 3/38 in. square.

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Leaf Thickness and Weight

Leaf thickness is best described as grams per 1,000 leaves. This measurement is used to compare one variety with another. The approximate weight of leaf for an outdoor surface is 18 to 23 grams per 1,000 leaves. The heavier the leaf, the longer it will repel the abrasive effects of snow, rain, wind, dust and sand particles.

When selecting gold leaf for an exterior architectural project, look first for the gold content and gram weight. A 23kt to 23.75kt gold leaf weighing 18 to 23 grams/1000 leaves properly applied will shine for decades.

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Silver Leaf in Rolls

Gold Leaf in Rolls

Also available in Rolls.
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That's 20 books per pack - or 500 leaves.

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Genuine Leaf Metal Leaf
  Genuine Gold Leaf   Composition Gold Leaf
  Silver Leaf   Aluminum Leaf
  Palladium Leaf   Copper Leaf
Sizes and Adhesives   Variegated Leaf
  Size and Adhesives    

Special Feature - About gilding products

Aluminum Leaf

Purchase Aluminum and Genuine Silver Leaf.
Also available in rolls!

Dutch Gold or
Composition Leaf

Purchase Imitation and Genuine Gold Leaf.
Also available in rolls!

Aluminum Leaf imitates the illusion of genuine Silver, at a fraction of the cost. Each individual sheet is bigger and easier to handle then its genuine counter part.

The same applies for 'Dutch Gold', or 'Composition Leaf'. But due to the large brass content, this imitation gold must have a sealer applied to prevent tarnishing, unlike genuine gold leaf.


Interior Style design features

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More decorative paint and glazing techniques

The Antique Corner

The Antique Corner

Adding the finishing touches to your furniture, decorative object or gilt surface requires just the right know-how. artSparx delivers the expertise to give your project a sophisticated finish with an extra glow.

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