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Visit with our 
great selection of artists!

Andrei Petrov
Nature based abstract paintings. Oil on canvas.
Cher van Schouwen
Dynamic brush strokes, lively images and bold color set artist Cher van Schouwen's work apart. Her work has been added to collections all over the world, and has been commissioned by international art collectors.
Colin Perini
Colin Perini, one of the worlds leading seascape artists. Realistic ocean scenes with an underlying peace and passion. Art available online in association with the Colin Perini Ocean Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia.
Deborah Batt
Online art gallery of Deborah Batt, modern British artist.
Paul Offill
The inspiration behind many of the watercolors of artist Paul Offill stems from his extensive world travel. Bold color and light brush strokes complement his many colorful landscapes.
Maynard Sacco
Artist Maynard Sacco's priorities are balanced composition, precise drawing of forms, vibrant color combinations, and textured surface treatment. He paints in layers and says his style is a personal vision and a reaching out to the viewer.
Christopher Leporini
Chicago based multi-media artist blends fine arts and illustration, often enhancing images with computer assisted inspiration.
Charles Gresalfi
Santa Rosa, Ca. artist specializing in watercolors and landscape paintings.
Grant Cunningham
Canadian based painter, Grant Cunningham is self taught. His hyper-detailed works reflect fatalistic visions on the darker side of the human condition.
Igor Mojzes 
Wonderful landscape paintings, invigorated with color, filter light and decisive brush strokes. Artist Igor Mojzes has also mastered portraiture - exemplified by a variety of paintings featuring figure skaters.
Todd Berman 
Artists home page with lists of upcoming exhibits.
Tobias Freccia 
International artist, painter, muralist, and color consultant. Visit Tobias' extensive Decorative and Fine Arts portfolio on-line at Freccia Studios.
Jeanine Jackson 
Award-winning, New England Impressionist, Jeanine Jackson delivers impact with sentiment. Landscapes, Portraits, Commissions primarily in oils.
David W Maund  
Fine Art works in variously combined mediums; watercolor, color pencil, pastel, chalk, oil, acrylic, leaves, twigs, mud, or anything else that may suit his whim.
Derek McCrea 
Oils, acrylics and watercolors in a whimsical impressionistic style. Primary subjects include lighthouses, flowers, barns and landscapes.
Rainbow World of Watercolours  
A wide range of subjects in watercolour painted by H.E. Wakeford
Re-visiting the history of art, French artist Marc Verat connects the past with the present. What is art - Can it exist by ignoring the legacy from the past ?
Brian Howeth 
A site promoting my fine art.
Randolphlee McIver 
Contemporary figurative art breaking with late modernism and post-modernism, a new direction in fine art inspired by traditional art of ancient Greece and the Renaissance
Ben Rotman
Israeli artist Ben Rotman. His Digital art is compelling, mixing a variety of mediums to create a strong expression of Post-modern art.
Daryl Roberson
Located in Laguna Beach for over twenty years, Daryl Roberson's artwork reflects this scenic beach town atmosphere. One of his favorite past times is plein-air painting of the California coastlines and canyons.
Helene Limassol
Mixed media artist. Born in Cyprus then grew up and studied in Australia. Limassol's art, since 1991, deals with the intersection of industry, technology and social theory. She has exhibited widely and her artworks can be found in various publications and in public collections in Cyprus, Greece and France.
Carson Collins
The Ocean Series
These mystical, metaphoric images represent a new approach to the color-field tradition. They have been described as "a synthesis of Rothko, Monet, and a Buddhist mandala." Intriguing and relaxing; nine different posters in both 16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm) and 20" x 30" (50 x 75 cm) formats can be purchased on line.

Karen Wood
Artist Home page of Karen Wood. Samples of my art, art statement, plus contact info. More art to be added, so keep checking in.
Dania Sierra
Artist Diana Sierra's Fine Art paintings radiate spirituality and mythological symbolism. A blend of bold, striking color and simplified forms coexist effortlessly in her dramatic imagery.
Air Borne Art Studio
Artist Shane Rickert. To the point, easy to navigate, portflio of artwork and services. Includes, fine art, illustration, and murals.
Antonio Cobo Vilches
Spanish artist Antonio Cobo Vilches shows a diverse and unique portfolio of paintings, illustrations, drawings and photography.
Randie Trainer
Fun, colorful, bright and all work made with TrueSpirit!
Figurative and unsettling imagery from British artist Michael Onona.
Michelle Wardley
A nomadic independent self-taught Australian artist of 5 years. My original oil paintings are inspired by my personal experiences as a visual & literary reflection of my life as a nomadic Artist & are produced without brushes.

Jesse Utt
Dramatic portraits and figurative paintings.
Asbjorn Lonvig
Scandinavian artist - Art, design, story telling, fairy tales - He who has his own very unique style in simple shapes and bright colors.


Jeanine Jackson 
Award-winning, New England Impressionist, Jeanine Jackson delivers impact with sentiment. Landscapes, Portraits, Commissions primarily in oils.

David Howeth 
Working with oils and pastels, David Howeth shows off his fine collection portraits and figure paintings.


Freccia Studios 
International Art and Design studio with expertise in portraiture and fine art painting, gilding, mural techniques, furniture design and color consultation.

Fresco Decorative Painting
Decorative Arts company. Commercial and residential clientele, specializing in surface finishes and specialty decorative techniques. 

Laugh Out Loud Designs
Laugh Out Loud Designs offers a stellar collection of  custom designed decorative products and novel interior design services for residential and commercial environments. 

Mark Johnson Studio
Mark Johnson Studio is a decorative painting and design consulting company that creates custom painted finishes and murals of unique and exceptionally rare quality.

Byrum Decorative Art
Decorative Painting, commercial and residential. Specializing in faux finishing, trompe l'oeil and murals.

Workshop Wonders  
Handmade bas-relief ceramic tile, home decor, and garden sculpture


Donald Hicks 
Unusual compositions and interesting angles that the human eye rarely sees, makes Don Hicks photography unique and compelling.
Jeff Valdez
Photography site with emphasis on digital manipulation and QuickTime virtual reality formats.  Interactive highly visual presentation.
Paul Politis
Canadian photographer Paul Politis showcases his black and white photography.  People, Landscapes, Nudes and more.
Art Boutique - O Studio 
Monochrome, fine art, glamour, portrait and other photographs.
Corvisier - Barberis
Ordinary days, some black and white images from here and there.


Practicing "Thurloism", his art includes any style, medium (visual and poetic), and/or objects at hand.

George Flay - The Art of Flay
London artist George Flay. Varied abstract/surrealistic works including oil, acrylic, computer imaging. Elvis, Tyson, Nelson Mandela.

J. w. Baker
Airbrush artist and Illustrator, J. w. Baker's passion for wildlife is dramatically realized in his realistic airbrush art.

Andrew Woolf - Digital Artist
My projects typically begin their journey as sketched, painted, photographic or collage elements. After digitalization, I add further elements to the 'mix' using the computer.

Hungarian-Swedish contemporary artist. Mixed Media, painting, video, sculpture, photography, design, furniture designer, contemporary art. This Gallery-site is dedicated to a Hungarian-Swedish Artist who works with concept and philosophy-based art.

Klas Lennartsson
Painter, illustrator, designer. This Swedish artist, from Stockholm displays a variety of his work.


Suck and Mow 
What started as an interesting adventure of using simple, common place acts to break down human barriers culminates in the emergence of the human spirit.


Randolphlee McIver 
Contemporary figurative art breaking with late modernism and post-modernism, a new direction in fine art inspired by traditional art of ancient Greece and the Renaissance
Leonid Tikh
A collection of Illustration, Fine Art and Murals. Sensual, colorful and dynamic landscapes, portraits and much more!

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