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Gilding Classes with The Gilding Studio partners with the ito bring you the Charles Douglas Professional Gilding workshops. Charles Douglas, founder of the The Gilding Studio leads this program to provide you with the highest quality, hands on training for the gilding arts.

Each class is designed to specifically address different substrates, covering objects, furniture and frame gilding. Tradional techniques, including historical overview, are paired with contemporary processes. You'll learn proper terminology, dive into materials and various uses depending on your project. You'll aslo have first hand trouble shooting and problem solving experience directly with Master Gilder Charles Douglas. Each course is paired with a full materials list, a one stop location for all your course supplies. For attendees of each course, GildedPlanet offers a special materials discount. Purchase the whole materials package at a reduced 'kit' pricing, or individual products to expand your current tool kit.

Class One
gold leaf classes

Traditional Water Gilding

Ancient and traditional method of applying gold leaf to complex and sculptural surfaces using true gesso, clay Bole, hide glues, and agate burnishing tools. Produces a beautiful mirror shine. Traditional Water Gilding is one of the true 'foundational' gilding techniques that most contemporary processes build upon. It is these techniques that the masters of old use to create the picture frames, objects and furniture that are housed in museum world wide.

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Class Two
gold leaf classes

Verre Églomisé

Glass GIlding. The use of gold or silver leaf on glass goes back to early Roman times and was a popular technique used for Looking Glass Mirrors during eighteenth and nineteenth century England.

Verre Églomisé, the practice of reverse gilding and etched painting on glass incorporating gold and silver leaf, is the foundation for the gilded mirrors offered by Charles Douglas in his Seattle gilding studio.

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Class Three
gold leaf classes

Gold Leaf Gilding for Works of Art...a Study for Fine Artists

A day of discovery for options and techniques for the use of genuine gold leaf in your works of art on canvas, paper, and panels.

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Class Four

Class Five
gold leaf classes

The Art of Crackle Gesso

Reminiscent of 13thc Italian Gilded Panels

An excellent compliment to the Traditional Water Gilding Class

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Class Six
gold leaf classes

Introduction to Oil Gilding

Gilding the Buddah: An Introduction to Oil Gilding

Learn the basics to successful oil gilding techniques for objects, furniture and piture frames. This hands-on session will set the foundation for oil gilding in metal and genuine leaf.

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