images of forest life abound

sconces continue
the nature theme

Objects add
warmth and 

the center of the home


Between winter-barren ridges of the Great Smokey mountains, a solitary log cabin nestles.  A thin wisp of blue smoke rises from the stone chimney, and a homemade swing beckons from the snowy porch.  Glimpsed through windows edged with frost, a Dutch oven simmers above a blazing fire.  The glowing hearth beckons the chilled, weary traveler,  who pauses only to brush off the snow before lifting the latch.

An American tradition of handmade beauty is contained within the rough-hewn walls of this snug home.  Like the bluegrass music that rang through Appalachian hollows, decorative folk arts brought color and joy to a hardscrabble existence.  Log Cabin style recaptures this uniquely charming aesthetic for modern times.

The hearth -- andirons, an ash hopper, a bellows -- is the soul of the Log Cabin.  Its radiance casts a glow on simple pine furniture. Braided rugs in cheerful blues, greens and reds add color to the scene, and rocking chairs provide a place to read, talk or simply contemplate the fire.  A classic copper wash boiler holds newspapers or kindling.

In the bedroom, a colorful quilt covers a whitewashed cast iron bedstead.  Curtains in plain checked cotton and old-fashioned house wares lend an authentic look:  straw brooms, a speckled enamel kettle atop the woodstove, oil lamps.

Naive art, or perhaps a particularly fine antique quilt in an intricate pattern, makes the perfect finishing touch for this tribute to homespun design.

Elements of Style:

Walls: In addition to exposed log beams, pine plank paneling, brick or stone add character, reinforcing the closeness of the outdoors and nature. A blending of natures elements, wood and stone strengthen the rustic ideals of the Log Cabin Style.

Floors: Large pine planks or river bed stones seem most appropriate. Braided or hooked rugs imply coziness as well as providing some needed warm to cold feet on winter mornings.

Fabrics: Simplicity is emphasized in this style, therefore a white bedspread might be your easiest choice. Checked cotton, lace bed throws, crocheted blankets and, of course, hand made quilts can quickly complete the room, inviting color and visual texture.

Furniture: Shaker chairs and tables fit nicely. The simplicity of design, based on functionality, seem to lend casual comfort to the Log Cabin room. Pine furniture, knotty and distressed, re-emphasis the closeness to nature that is so enticing in the Log Cabin home. 

Fireplace tools, naive art, quilts, carved/whittled objects, washboards and boilers, hearthrugs, andirons, and the wood stove will easily fulfill the needs of this style.
The kitchen should display hand-woven baskets, cast iron pots, enamelware, tin plates and cups, and no cabin would be complete without the necessary hurricane lamps.

Windows: Simple cotton checked curtains, light and airy, is all that is desired. Simplicity with an emphasis on accessories truly creates the rustic, comfortable Log Cabin Style.


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