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The diverse demographic range of artSparx visitors provides numerous opportunities for editors and writers to provide relevant and timely
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If These Walls Could Talk:  The secrets behind three rich-looking walls (featuring color washing, sponging and rag). 
One Man's Trash: Taking garage sale/flea market finds and turning them into objects of art using marbleizing, antiquing and Oriental simulated red lacquer.
Going for the Gold:  A piece on gilding including myths about gilding and showing easy steps to transform decorative and functional pieces.
The ABCs of Design:  A feature on stenciling.  Showing how stenciling has gone from bordering teddy bears in a child's room to creating complete designs that take the place of wallpaper.
An Open and Shut Case for Door Knobs and Handles:  Showcase how selecting the right door knob and drawer/cabinet handles can change the look of a room.  Tips to selecting these items.  When to use brass, pewter, glass, etc.
Interior Design Secrets - Decorators Look to the Web for Inspiration
Helping Clients Imagine Themselves in a Home is an Essential Part of an Interior Designers Job
Start with Finishes. At artSparx You Can Do It and A Lot More, Too.
artSparx: The Site to Start at For All Your Finishes.
artSparx: The Place to Start For All Your Finishes (and Much More)
From Feng Shui to Finishes, artSparx is the Place to Start.
The Home Style Site for Budget-Minded DIYers.
artSparx - The Style Site. Where You Are the Interior Decorator.
artSparx - The Home Style Site. Where You Are the Interior Decorator.
artSparx - Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know to Become Your Own Interior Decorator.
Couch Potato?   From Couch (colors, covers, styles) to Potato Glazes,  artSparx Has All You Need to Know about Interior Decorating at One Sitting.
DIY - Stepping Up to the Finish 0n-line. artSparx Shows You How to Do-It-Yourself in Easy Steps.
‘This New House?’ Helping Develop Your Home’s ‘Inner Child’.
From Period Home to Contemporary Flat, Your Design Solutions Just Became Easier.
Find Your Home’s Inner Self With artSparx.
Enhance Your Home’s Inner Self With artSparx.
Uncover Your Home’s Inner Child With artSparx.
The On-line Resource for Budget-Minded DIYers.
artSparx: A World of Color and Style at Your Fingertips.
The Start and Finish of DIY Interior Decoration.
Upstart artSparx  Redefines DIY.
The Little Guy Takes on Martha, Home Depot.
Upstart artSparx Redefines Style.
The Little Guy Takes on the DIY Gurus.
Avoiding Martha. Creating Your Own Style Without a Decorators Influence.
Forget Martha.  artSparx  is Here.
Upstart Does All the Design Gurus Do and More.
Goodbye Martha.  Hello artSparx!
Upstart artSparx Does All the Design Gurus Do and More.
Who Needs Martha? Create Your Own Style With artSparx.
Honestly, Who Needs Martha?  artSparx Fills the Breech (gap)
Upstart artSparx Does All Martha Did and More.
Martha Rules No More. Long Live artSparx!
Let the Little Guy Help You Create Your Own Style.
Who Needs Martha or Home Depot When You Can Do-It-Yourself With artSparx?
In the Race to Replace Martha, artSparx is First Across the Finish Line.

Be creative...spark your imagination!

Mastering some basic universal techniques will provide the foundation for many decorative and fine art  techniques.  Including marbling, leather effects, furniture effects, glazing, and softening.

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