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Hand-painted Delft tiles

The loose un-even quality of this faux technique makes painted Delft tiles an ideal decorative effect for the beginner or inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.

Irregular lines and hand painted renderings add character and old world charm, easily achieved without any prior painting experience.

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"Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is better not to lose the first impression"  

Camille Pissaro  1830-1903





Shark Bay Colour Spectrum

Shark Bay Western Australia May 20, 2001

1040 x 973mm   Oil on Hardboard mounted on board with tiny bivalve shells from Shell Beach


Australian painter Michelle Wardley.

In preparation for painting the floor in the new visitors centre I have put this piece together to capture the spectrum of colours from the Pindan ridges to the algal shallows, the actual mural will also include the deep ocean tones too. One of the world heritage values of this place, the colours produced from the geological formations is quite phenomenal and I find the richness in the depth of colours quite tasty! Can't wait to immerse myself in these fabulous colours creating this mural."

I am a nomadic independent self-taught Australian artist of 5 years. My original oil paintings are inspired by my personal experiences as a visual & literary reflection of my life as a nomadic Artist & are produced without brushes. I exhibit independently of the conventional scene of fine art galleries & I promote all my own exhibitions & works.

On a subconscious level I like to explore the concepts of symbology & effects of colour as they occur in form & light. I believe my paintings each belong to a particular person. Each work is therefore created with intent to energise & affect."

Currently exhibiting as artist in residence at Monkey Mia Dolphin Information Centre, Western Australia, Michelle has extensively toured the West Australian coastline for the last 5 years and also has work at three other venues around the state as well as her personally maintined online gallery www.naturaloceanart.com


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