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Othello Stucco Veneziano

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Spread Rate:

For a 3 coat application:

150 sqft. per Gallon
35 sqft. per Liter

14 liter = 380 sqft

Special Features

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Antique Plaster Effects

artSparx has created a 3 stage step-by-step tutorial series. Series 1 begins with basic plaster application, our 2nd series illustrates antique glazing and plaster distressing methods, culminating in the final fresco simulation series 3, hand-painted elements. You can complete each tutorial as a finish and style in it's own right. Or, depending on your interests and style needs, combine the tutorials to achieve the hand-painted fresco appearance that will bring your environment to life.

Tuscan Style

Design Style Feature

Tuscan style evolved through layers of history, taking cues from the earliest Etruscan metal craft and pottery, and of course, from the sumptuous world of the Italian Renaissance. In Tuscany one finds frescoes, cracked and worn by time, still vibrant with original pigment, depicting ancient deities and the decadence of the late Roman empire.

More about Tuscan Style
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Furniture Antiquing 

Ideally suited for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and almost any piece of furniture. Create a polished ivory look, or a Classic French striee with this glazing recipe and technique.


Product Specs.

Stucco Veneziano
Available Brands:
  Max Meyer
Baldini Vernici
Stilli Di Vita
Product Usage:
Interior Only
Pigments Used:
Universals or UTC
Available Sizes:
  1 Liter
5 Liter
14 Liter
Country of Origin:
Available Color Charts
  Universal Color Choices
360 Colors available plus 24 pre-tints
Advanced Color Matching:
Color Capacity:
  Extreme Bolds
Bold Vivids
Average Coverage:
  For a 3 coat application:

150 sqft. per Gallon
35 sqft. per Liter

14 liter = 380 sqft

Product Prep:
  Acrylic Fixative and Quartz Primer Solution Suggested
Application System:
  Generally 2 to 3 Coats,
Sanding optional.
Wax Available.
  Stainless Steel Spatulas,
Trowels, or Milanese Spats.
Wet Product Samples:
  Available in 1 Liter size cans.

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23kt Edible Gold
& Silver Leaf

Add to cakes, cookies, champagne and much more!

Because everyday is a celebration; birthdays, weddings, graduation or just a happy day, the GildedPlanet brings the art of gilding to all celebrations and festivities! Delivered in
a decorative gift box, each kit includes .35 grams of Edible Gold flakes or Edible Gold dust with "Romantic Recipes," a recipe card of cocktails and dessert ideas using Edible Gold leaf.

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Rag rolling 
Wood graining 
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Create your own  color schemes!

red cream cool grey
ocean blue burnt
rose peach

Custom color blends
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Historic Color Palette

historic paint colors

Gold Leafing might be just the right accent you're looking for!

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Gold Leafing tutorials


Masking tip: 
Always test an area to be taped before beginning the masking job. Wallpaper is particularly susceptible to tearing. Lacquer and varnish surfaces on furniture may come off easily with the tape and the item could be severely damaged.



Venetian Plaster
Traditional Stucco Veneziano Classico
360 Colors available plus 18 pre-tints

Ratings 2-3

Interior Surface Only

For use on: walls, ceilings, furniture and objects

Polished Venetian Plaster

Creates a High Polish or Matte finish

4 Easy Steps

1. Apply Base Coat
2. Apply 1st layer
Stucco Veneziano
3. Apply 2nd
layer Stucco Veneziano
4. Burnish to a high polish - optional
5. optional - Apply wax

Download Color Brochure - Catalog

Stucco Veneziano (Venetian Plaster) - is a decorative paste plaster for interior applications that delivers a highly decorative, encaustic, glossy finish. This is a natural, easy to use, Venetian Plaster.

It is a natural formula composed of organic ingredients, calcium, and acrylic binders, inspired by the ornate plaster-work of Renaissance Italy. Decorative plaster has a millennial history, with origins dating back to the Rome of the Caesars and in the art of Ancient Greece.

However, it was Andrea Palladio, a famous Italian architect, who in the XVI century re-discovered it through his studies and re-proposed it in the splendid Venetian villas that are still to this day, the distinguishing mark of his career. Stucco Veneziano is an aesthetic solution that step by step, conquered Venice and Lombardy, then Italy, and finally entire Europe in the XVII century. Today, Stucco Veneziano restores the splendor of a classic and prestigious finish.

Venetian Plaster - Color Verde Smerelda

Baldini Othello Venetian Plaster
Stucco Veneziano Classico
Stucco Veneziano
CODE: 890126
1 liter - Untinted
Stucco Veneziano
CODE: 890127
5 liter - Untinted
Stucco Veneziano
CODE: 890128
Spread rate:
3 coat application =approx. 380 sqft
14 liter - Untinted

To select from one of our 18 our Pre-tinted colors go to our Universal Color Palette now

Download Color Brochure - Catalog

Technical Sheet
MSDS Information

Custom Mix color options

Popular Color Schemes



Rosa Lacca
Available Color Charts
Universal Color Choices
360 Colors available plus
18 pre-tints
Advanced Color Matching:

Please Note: computer color appearances vary from monitor to monitor. The following colors are representations of actual colors available - they are not exact color samples. Complete color chart are available and can be shipped directly to your location. To request a color chart click here..

Ulivo Chiaro

Blue Cina

Rosa pompeiano

Verde Smerelda

artSparx most popular color this month!



Color Y 34.33.86

Start this season with fresh and exciting colors schemes in your home or office!

Neutrals are making a come-back. And with the soft and sophisticated polish created by the Stucco Veneziano finish, there's never been a better time to get started!

Spread rate:
14 liter container with a 3 coat application
= approx. 380 sqft.

Stucco Veneziano
14 liter - Pre-tinted
CODE: 890128-Y34.33.86
Please Note: computer color appearances vary from monitor to monitor.
The following colors are representations of actual colors available - they are not exact color samples. Complete color chart are available and can be shipped directly to your location. To request a color chart click here..

Getting Started...

Stucco Veneziano can be applied many of different ways. Here, we demonstrate a traditional, highly polished, 3 coat trowel and spatula application. Assuming the wall has been properly prepared, Stucco Veneziano can be applied over many types of surfaces. Here it is applied on drywall over a base of Acrylic Fixative and Quartz Primer.

Ideal conditions for applying Stucco Veneziano are interior walls with smooth surfaces. Mandatory for a long-lasting guarantee, a thin coat of Acrylic Fixative is always necessary. Secondly, for a fine and smooth surface that promotes higher spreading rates and absorption, a coat of Quartz Paint Primer, diluted up to 25% by volume, is suggested for a high quality application. Application over standard PVA primers will not cause problems; however, applying Stucco Veneziano over a mineral surface has proven to have a few advantages. For more information on advanced preparation techniques and preparing alternate surfaces such as cement, wood, or even metal, refer to the advanced preparation tutorial.

Step 1.
Apply a medium size amount of Veneziano to the edge of a stainless steel trowel using a mixing knife. If you are right handed, apply the plaster to the right side of the trowel, if left handed, apply product on the left. Begin to apply a first coat over a smooth and primed surface.
Step 2.
When applying the first coat, a trowel or spatula may be used. Remember, larger trowels cover larger areas. However, smaller spatulas and smaller trowels are often used and may decrease stress in the chest, arms, and back. It is extremely important to apply the first coat as thin as possible. In a room temperature environment, Stucco Veneziano's open time ranges from approximately 15-30 minutes.
Step 3.
Using long and swift motions create a smooth and even first layer of Veneziano. Try to create a level and uniform 1st coat. If white from the primer still transpires through the first coat, its okay. The second and third coats will completely cover these areas.
Step 4.
Notice the effects created after only one coat of natural Stucco Veneziano. In some situations, polishing only one coat of Veneziano may provide a desirable effect. You may even tint the base coat of Quartz Paint in order to perfectly conceal the surface after only one coat.
Step 5.
Once the surface is dry, you may begin adding the second coat. Wait at least 1 hour for the first coat to completely dry. Before applying a second coat, scrape off any excess or dried product. Make sure the surface is completely smooth and ready for a second coat.


Complete Basic Gilding Kits

Includes all the tools and materials
to apply imitation gold leaf, aluminum or copper leaf. Set contains one 4 oz. bottle
of Gilding Size, natural hair brush, cotton and mixing sticks, wet/dry paper and
book of leaf. Water-based.
book contains 25 leaves.
Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5" square. Approx coverage is 5.25 sq. ft.


Step 6.
Repeat the procedure demonstrated in Figures 1-3. Alternating to a smaller spatula or hand spatula during the second coat may add more encaustic depth to the finish, however, for this application, two, thin base coats are applied without pattern. While adding the second and third coats, it is important to work with a clean trowel. Having a bucket of warm water nearby may lessen the chances of creating unwanted scratches in the surface.
Step 7.
After the second coat, allow 1-2 hours for the surface to dry. Once dry, a light sanding with 600 grade sandpaper in a circular motion may be a good idea, however not necessary on all occasions. Before applying the finishing coat, scrape the surface again as shown in figure 5.
Step 8.
The final coat is often applied with a 8-12 cm spatula or small trowel, depending on the desired final effect. Typically, busy patterns are created with smaller tools, while larger and less encaustic patterns are created with trowels and larger plastering knives. Begin to work 3-4 square foot segments of the surface, connecting each subsequent patch moving from either the top left or bottom left of the wall, moving clockwise, or visa versa.
Step 9.
To create your encaustic patterns, use a stainless steel tool and move about in cross-hatching or figure 8 patterns, gently applying product, then quickly removing it. Similar to the movements of traditional patching or taping, the final effects of Traditional Stucco Veneziano are random yet uniform in size. Skip troweling by keeping the trowel or spatula at a 10 angle and lightly feathering the stucco onto the surface is easy to achieve during this phase.
Step 10.
For larger encaustic patterns, a stainless steel float or rounded plastering trowel should be used. Using a thorough and consistent method of application, spread a thin and final layer using an 's' motion, a cross-hatch, or skip trowel movement.
Step 11.
Once the wall is completely dried, use a 600 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface. Sanding in a circular motion blends the layers of Stucco and brings the underlying layers to the surface.
Step 12.
Once lightly sanded, you may wipe down the surface with a cotton or cheese cloth rag. At this point, a fair level of sheen may already appear.
Step 13.
Using a stainless steel blade, begin to polish the surface using a downward or horizontal movement. Keeping the trowel at a low angle will prevent surface scratching. If waxing the final surface, added sheen can be achieved without burnishing.
Step 14.
Remember to make sure the surface is completely dry before polishing. Burnishing with a clean and dry tool is also important. Using a steady and consistent force while burnishing will help to create a homogenous finish.
Step 15.
A final coat of Wax for Plaster may be applied for added gloss and protection. If applying Wax for Plaster, allow 1-2 weeks for the product to settle before applying it. Not waiting may cause unwanted streaking on the final surface. Waxing is not necessary for creating polished Venetian Plasters, however, recommended in areas exposed to continuous moisture.
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Special Feature - About gilding products

Aluminum Leaf

Dutch Gold or
composition leaf

Aluminum Leaf imitates the illusion of genuine Silver, at a fraction of the cost. Each individual sheet is bigger and easier to handle then its genuine counter part.

Purchase Aluminum Leaf
Purchase Genuine Silver Leaf

The same applies for 'Dutch Gold', or 'Composition Leaf'. But due to the large brass content, this imitation gold must have a sealer applied to prevent tarnishing, unlike genuine gold leaf.

Purchase Composition Leaf
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