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Weathered doors and windows

This simple distressed finish evokes time worn comfort and easy living.
A perfect decorative paint finish to complement color-washed walls.

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Architectural details and ornamentation!

Authentic Period moldings, ceiling medallions, cornices, columns and much more. All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.


Fine Art Print Special

French Country Road I
French Country Road I
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A layered rug look complements a hand made tile floor.

Brick archways support this rustic beamed ceiling.

Uncluttered stone walkways and arches

Color washed walls 
create a light and airy feel in this bedroom.

This time worn roof offers protection from the elements as well as pure, rustic charm.

Faux Delft tiles!

The loose, un-even quality of this faux technique makes painted Delft tiles an ideal decorative effect for the beginner or inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.

Irregular lines and loose hand painted renderings add character and old world charm, easily achieved without any prior painting experience.

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Architectural ornamentation,  plaster restoration and installation,
decorative plaster and fresco techniques and much more.


Unruly vines fringe an elegantly symmetrical Loire Valley manor house, and a rough stone wall encloses its tangled gardens.  In hidden corners of the surrounding French countryside, rustic arches frame rolling hills.

Family life often focuses around meals

Tarragon and rosemary bushes scent the air. Wine and cheese are set out in preparation for dinner al fresco. Rustic French style, inspired by this ancient pastoral landscape, creates welcoming, airy interior space with interesting, antique textures.
artSparx Special

French Country Harvest Table

French Country Harvest Table

This contemporary French country harvest table brings the classic French design up to date with the addition of sleek chrome towel bars and a large capacity drawer. Constructed of solid wood it features two slatted shelves and leveler feet allowing for adjustments to compensate for uneven floor. It has a 2 thick butcher block top that will provide the perfect surface for cutting and food prep. This item is made in the USA.

The "maison a pains de bois" (wooden beam house) is a fine example of the evocative crookedness at the heart of Rustic French style.  This Tudor-style building's slanted walls, gently undulating roof, and geometric beams are at once imposing and humble.  The timber and stone show the traces of the hands that shaped them hundreds of years ago, and the house seems to speak of the generations who have looked out from its weathered shutters.

A 'maison a pains de bois' home in
Chinon, France.

Create your own Rustic French Style color schemes!

cream sunflower terre-cotte
moss green tangerine rose peach library green

Custom color blends
at the artSparx
Color Palette!

Historic Color Palette

historic paint colors

Inside the Rustic French house, the set-up is comfortable, earthy and timeless.  Natural materials are all-important in achieving these effects: wood beam or brick on the ceiling,  stone walls, slightly irregular painted surfaces.  These textures recall the hand-made, antiqued materials of rural French architecture.  More refined touches, like Persian rugs and framed etchings, add grace to unpolished spaces.

In the bedroom, sunlight warms sisal floor mats, woven throw rugs, and terra cotta tile. Simple, airy comfort prevails.  Delicate botanical prints with plain white frames adorn color washed walls.  Bedroom furniture -- head and footboards, side tables -- is whitewashed, bleached, distressed. 


Form follows function in the rustic kitchen.  A brick ceiling, weathered wooden cabinets, and hanging pots evoke earthy meals -- cassoulet, coq au vin -- cooked for family and friends. Straight-backed chairs are placed at a scarred wooden work table for trimming fresh vegetables or enjoying a morning coffee.


In the dining room, family and friends are welcomed by a massive stone
fireplace.  Wood paneling glows; the panes of leaded glass windows reflect the firelight.  For a special occasion, this room can be dressed up with candlelight and white linen.  

And on the way down to the wine cellar, a surprise: floral tiles peek out from the stair kick boards.
Upholstery is minimal and unfussy, and windows are covered with sun-bleached shutters or plain curtains.

Sun bleached, colorful shutters protect the home from the strong southern sun.


The rolling country side of the Loire Valley epitomizes the Rustic French Style. Organic, time worn charm, and a sense of being connected with the earth, root the rural French traditions.


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