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Simulated Fresco Treatments

Create old world charm or contemporary sophistication with these easy to follow plaster effects and simulated Fresco techniques.

artSparx has created a 3 stage step-by-step tutorial series. Series 1 begins with basic plaster application, our 2nd series illustrates antique glazing and plaster distressing methods, culminating in the final fresco simulation series 3, hand-painted elements.

Colonial Style Late Victorian
Federal Style   Late Victorian
      Queen Anne
Early Victorian    
  Greek Revival Colonial Revival
  Gothic Revival Bungalow
Italianate Style    


Gilding made easy!
Canvas stretching
Picture and painting framing tips
Transferring patterns and images to any surface 
Create perfect ovals and circles 
Lettering made simple
Wood Staining - Furniture staining 
Patching drywall 
Basic techniques to master
Preparing your Surfaces
Priming - interior, exterior, and furniture
Material and product descriptions 
Paint & varnish removers
Sanding techniques
Sealers & sealants
Solvents & thinners
Visit the Antique Corner and learn everything you need
to know about antiquing furniture, objects, gold, silver and
copper surfaces and much more!

Basic antiquing
General Antiquing
Methods and Principles
  • The "Classic antique glaze" 
  • Antiquing with oil glazes 
  • Antiquing with water based glazes 
  • Antiquing with waxes
Antiquing Gilt surfaces
  • Antiquing Gold Leaf
  • Antiquing Silver Leaf
Special Features
  • Antique Parchment Glaze
  • Antique Plaster Effects
  • Furniture Antiquing 
  • Antique Bronzing Patina

artSparx Book special


Paint Effects for a Timeless Home

Achieving Classic, Rustic & Romantic Styles With Paint Effects

Written by Tobias Freccia, the founder f!

Special - Limited Edition. Each book signed by the author.

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