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Glazing tip:
When glazing, always work from top to bottom. If you start at the bottom and work upward, any drips or spills occurring can damage already treated lower portion finish.



Stipple Brush - make your own

Category: Decorative painting: Tools

Stippling, also known as pouncing, is a textured effect that simulates a fine, sandy appearance. This is a lovely finish on wall surfaces, as well as an excellent treatment for trim, doors and window frames. A special brush known as a stippling brush creates this finish.

Stipple brush: these are commercially available and readily found at art supply and specialty paint stores.  They tend to be expensive, so it is important to constantly clean these brushes during use to prolong their use and to protect your investment. To create your own, inexpensive stipple brushes, follow this simple procedure:

Use 3 inexpensive 4 inch china bristle brushes, also known as ‘chip brushes’ (found readily at most local hardware and paint suppliers). 

various sized china bristle brushes

Place the 3 brushes on top of one another, essentially creating 1 large, fat brush. Ensure that the end of the bristle surfaces are even and level with one another. This may take a little fiddling, but it is important that they create an even surface to provide a consistent pattern when stippling (pouncing).


Use masking tape to hold brushes together, wrapping tape around the metal bristle cover and also around the base of the handle.

Continue on all sides.

tape the base handle as well

Your stipple brush is now ready for use.


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