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Interaction of Color
Interaction of Color

Interaction of Color, a masterwork of one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, is a brilliant display and explanation of the characteristics of color and the conditions under which certain optical phenomena occur.

Sepp Metal Composition Leaf  books gold pack of 20

Metal Composition Leaf Packs
20 Books
Gold - Aluminum - Copper

Made from various metallic alloys that simulate gold or silver. Items covered with imitation leaf will tarnish unless they are varnished or sealed. Sheets of imitation leaf are approximately 5 in. x 5 in. 25 sheets per book, 20 books to a pack. Copper leaf is genuine copper.


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Gold Leaf Basics

Leaf Size Details
Leaf Coverage
Alloys and Karats
Types of Leaf



Genuine Leaf
  Genuine Gold Leaf
  Silver Leaf
  Palladium Leaf
Metal Leaf
  Composition Gold Leaf
  Aluminum Leaf
  Copper Leaf
  Variegated Leaf
Sizes and Adhesives
  Size and Adhesives

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Gold Leaf Application and Antique Restoration
Gold Leaf Application and Antique Restoration

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions for various gold leafing and restoration techniques. This book tells you everything you need to get started and where to find it, it illustrates various techniques for restoring antique frames, and it takes budding craftsmen through a series of projects, starting with simple Dutch metal application through the fine art of water gilding.

Carving Signs: The Woodworker's Guide to Carving, Lettering, and Gilding
Carving Signs: The Woodworker's Guide to Carving, Lettering, and Gilding

Whether carving signs for personal use or starting a business carving signs for other people, this book is filled with the information professional and hobbyist woodworkers need to get started making wooden signs. It includes  techniques for embellishing signs are provided, including hand-carving letters and numbers, carving appliqués and relief carvings, and gold leafing.

Gilding for the Home: Decorating with Gold, Silver and Metal Leaf
Gilding for the Home: Decorating with Gold, Silver and Metal Leaf

Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf
Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Decorating with gold accents can add sophistication, dimension, and importance, not just to the object it embellishes, but to an entire room.

Complete Basic Gilding Kits


Includes all the tools and materials to apply imitation gold leaf, aluminum or copper leaf. Set contains one 4 oz. bottle of Gilding Size, natural hair brush, cotton and mixing sticks, wet/dry paper and book of leaf. Water-based.
book contains 25 leaves. Each leaf is
5.5" x 5.5" square. Approx coverage is 5.25 sq. ft.

$ 24.95


23kt Edible Gold & Silver Leaf


Add to cakes, cookies, champagne and much more!

Because everyday is a celebration; birthdays, weddings, graduation or just a happy day, the GildedPlanet brings the art of gilding to all celebrations and festivities! Delivered in
a decorative gift box, each kit includes .35 grams of Edible Gold flakes or Edible Gold dust with "Romantic Recipes," a recipe card of cocktails and dessert ideas using Edible Gold leaf.

$ 39.99
learn more



Gilding: The Glory of Gold
Gilding: The Glory of Gold

Turn almost any object into a gold-plated work of art. Colorful and simple instructions make it easy. Start with the surfaces that are easiest for gilding--wood, then plastic, then stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. Along with projects come practical tips and imaginative suggestions for both small- and large-scale techniques, so you can either add light detailing or go for a total transformation.

Annie Sloan Practical Guide to Decorative Gilding
Annie Sloan Practical Guide to Decorative Gilding

You'll learn how to revamp old furniture, add an elegant touch to plain modern pieces, and change the look of an entire wall - even if you have no previous gilding experience.

Art of Illumination
Art of Illumination

This compendium, the best work from Patricia Carter's three previous books on illumination, has been brought together to show exquisite designs in watercolour and gouache to enhance calligraphy, texts and a host of other decorative items. History and the world of nature are Patricia's main sources of inspiration.

Gold Leaf Techniques, Vol. 1
Gold Leaf Techniques, Vol. 1


Silver Leafing Techniques

Gold Leafing Techniques

Silver Leafing

& Aluminum Leafing

Silver leafing can add charm
and personality to even the most
ordinary objects.

Gold Leafing
Composition & Imitation Gold Leafing

Gold Leafing might be just the right
accent you're looking for! These straight forward step-by-step methods helps
get the job done right.


Gilded Ceilings
& large surface areas

Gilded Ceiling Tutorials
Gilding Ceilings and large area surfaces like walls has never been easier. Learn how now!

Purchase Ribbon Leaf for large area surfaces!

Exterior Gilding
Architectural Details, wrought Iron and more!

Exterior Gold Leafing Techniques
Practical information for completing your exterior gilding project with expertise, and durability.




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