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Color washing
A wonderful technique for both new and old walls. Create the look of time worn beauty with this simple decorative
color wash.

Learn the color recipe for this technique!


artSparx Special

Painting Murals Step by Step
Painting Murals Step by Step

In this extraordinary book, you'll learn from renowned artist Charles Grund how to paint gorgeous murals with confidence and control, even if you're a beginner! He starts with the basics, providing hundreds of full-color, step-by-step instructions throughout and moves you forward as you progress with your painting techniques.

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artSparx Kits - Color Washing

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How to create your artSparx kits

Special Effects Color Washing Brush.
4" applicator designed to create beautiful frescos and leather techniques

Big Job Sponge

Cellulose. Assorted colors.
Size: 4-3/16" x 7-9/16" x 1-11/16".
$ 2.39

Plastic Drop Cloth
General-purpose plastic covers for a variety of household jobs. Ideal for protecting furniture and appliances while painting, books, pictures, and knick-knacks in storage.

9' x 12', .5 mil  $1.39
10' x 20', 1 mil $2.89

painter's tape

Scotch Safe-Release Painters' Masking Tape
Safe-Release blue painters' masking tape is the most versatile tape on the market. Designed for safe use on delicate or damageable smooth surfaces. Safely releases from freshly painted surfaces that have dried for at least 1 day and vinly wallcoverings.
1" x 60 yards $ 5.49
2" x 60 yards $ 10.89

Mixing And Storage Container
Made of recyclable, high-density polyethylene and is solvent-resistant. Strong side walls have visible quart and liter measurements. Reusable.

1 quart container        $ 0.69
1 quart container lid    $ 0.49
2.5 quart container     $ 1.29
2.5 quart container lid $ 0.69
5 quart container        $ 1.69
5 quart container lid    $ 1.09


Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Sheer lightweight flexible vinyl all-purpose disposable gloves. Fits either hand. Protects against paint and other messy liquids. 1 size fits all. 10 per poly bag. .5 mil.

$ 2.09


Lead free tints for use in latex, alkyd, oil-base, acrylic and polyvinyl paints, stains and finishes. Can be used by the homeowner or professional. Packaged in 1-1/2 oz. plastic tubes. Available in 32 different colors.
$ 2.49

Floetrol Latex Paint Conditioner
Add to latex paints to improve flow and cover qualities. Floetrol
extends wet-edge time to avoid lapping and reduces brush drag when painting under hot and dry or cool and damp conditions.  Available in quart and gallon.
$ 5.49
Paint Rags
Bleached white polo (T-shirt) type material. Premium quality, soft and absorbent low lint product. 8 oz.

$ 2.99

Chip Brush
Made with white natural bristles for use with oil-based paints, stains, and finishes. Also excellent for use as parts cleaning brushes or to apply adhesives.

1/2"      $ 0.40
1"         $ 0.59
1-1/2"   $ 0.69
2"         $ 0.79
2-1/2"   $ 0.99
3"         $ 1.29
4"         $ 2.49


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