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Color washing
A wonderful technique for both new and old walls. Create the look of time worn beauty with this simple decorative
color wash.

Learn the color recipe for this technique!



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Trompe L'oeil: Techniques & Projects

Trompe L'oeil:

Techniques & Projects

Very witty and highly original, trompe l'oeil really brightens up a home. With little more than household paint, a brush, and a sponge, it's possible to produce truly convincing fakes.

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Stencil Brush

Pure China bristle brush. Stenciling requires a round, flat-tipped stencil brush. Size: 1" (2.54cm) natural China bristle brush.
$ 8.69


Special Effects Color Washing Brush.
Bestt Liebco No. 34147
4" applicator designed to create beautiful frescos and leather techniques
SKU: 770774  


Special Effects Stippling Brush.
Bestt Liebco No. 34337
Economical, lightweight block stippler with unique wood handle.
SKU: 770781  


Softening Brush.
Bestt Liebco No. 34235
This 3" brush offers the softest natural bristle for gentle light stroking of wet surfaces to bring 2 colors subtly together
SKU: 770798  


Dragging Brush.
Bestt Liebco No. 34035
This 3" brush has high hair density and comfortable handle, specifically designed for pulling through glaze or paint and
SKU: 770804  
Brush And Roller Cleaner.
Warner Mfg. No. 279
Keep brushes and rollers in top shape with this new comb and slot style cleaning tool. A new look to a standard product.
SKU: 791649   Click for more info and variations

$ 2.69

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Crown Odorless Paint Thinner quart can
Crown Odorless
Paint Thinner

quart and gallons

Crown Odorless Paint Thinner has less odor than many paint thinners. Good for cleaning oil paint from brushes and palettes.
quart $ 3.35
gallon $ 10.30

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