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Jacquard Tie Dye Kit  small kit

Jacquard Tie Dye Kit small kit

Convenient sets include everything you need to dye T-shirts. Large set (dyes up to 15 shirts) contains three applicator bottles of primary dyes (red, blue, and yellow), soda ash dye fixer, rubber bands, rubber gloves, one extra color mixing bottle, and instructions. Small set (dyes up to five shirts) includes rubber gloves, three applicator bottles of primary colors, rubber bands, and dye fixer. The dye in the sets are procion MX fiber reactive.


Available in small or large kits


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Tile and Ceramic Paint!
Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel Paints 2 oz. bottle fire red

Delta Air-Dry
PermEnamel Paints
2 oz. bottles

50 colors to choose from!

Now you can easily create the latest looks in home decor with Air-Dry PermEnamel Paint. It is the only durable air dry paint for glass, tile, ceramics, and metal. No baking is required for beautiful hand painted looks that are dishwasher safe, oven safe, and microwave safe. Air-Dry PermEnamel Paint is available in many popular home decorating and crafting colors. Colors can be intermixed to create new colors and cleans up with soap and water. Opaque coverage.

Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paints 2 oz. bottle black green

Deco Art Americana
Acrylic Paints
2 oz.

Multiple colors to choose from

An all-purpose, premium quality acrylic paint used for decorative painting, home decor and general craft painting projects. Americana is water-based and non-toxic and has a matte finish that can be varnished to create various sheens. Highly pigmented. Excellent one coat coverage. Smooth and creamy paint with rich, true colors that blend easily. Dry with a durable finish. Lightfast. Soap and water clean up. This versatile paint can be used on almost any surface. Paint on wood, canvas, plaster, resins, papier mache, candles, walls, tin, leather, Styrofoam, ceramic bisque, polymer clay, watercolor paper, or poster paper.

Sanford Uni Paint Markers fine violet

Sanford Uni Paint Markers

Oil-base paint marks opaque and glossy on light or dark surfaces. Dries in seconds. Works on glass, wood, metal, fabric, plastic. For home, shop, office, industrial, hobby and crafts. Broad line markers for large areas and outdoor use. Weatherproof, fade proof colors with chisel nib. Medium and Fine markers for decorating and line work. Pricing varies.


Color washing
A wonderful technique for both new and old walls. Create the look of time worn beauty with this simple decorative
color wash.

Learn the color recipe for this technique!


Historic color palette

historic paint colors



Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink 32 oz. jar red

8 colors to choose from!

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink

Fabric Screen Inks are water-based, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Suitable for T-shirts, tablecloths, etc. For use on cotton, polyester, blends, linen, rayon, and other synthetic fibers (NOT for use on nylon). Also works great on paper and cardboard Easy clean-up with water. Wash fast when properly heat-set. Jars have inner seal. Contains no solvents with no offensive smell. AP Non-Toxic conforms to ASTM D-4236. Can be screen printed or painted on with brush. For best results, pre-wash fabric and always pre-test before production runs. Mix with Speedball Transparent Base for transparency and Speedball Retarder Base to slow drying. Inks must be properly heat set. After ink dries, use a paper or cloth interface and iron using a household iron at medium to high setting for 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

Additional sizes available - click the BUY button for more details

Jacquard Silk Color Kit  dyes and instructions

Jacquard Silk Color Kit dyes and instructions

Contains self-fixing, paint-on dyes for silk and wool. Steam fixing of the dyes is not necessary. Painted fabric or garments may be washed or dry-cleaned as usual. The three primary process colors--yellow, magenta, cyan, and black can be intermixed to produce an infinite range of colors. A mixing formula for 20 colors is included in each kit and an easy to read instruction booklet answers most questions about painting on silk. This kit contains four 60 ml bottles of Jacquard Silk Colors (#703-primary yellow, #715-primary magenta, #725-primary blue (cyan), and #759-black), one 200 ml bottle of Permanent Dye set Concentrate, one 60 ml bottle of clear Gutta resist, one Gutta resist dispenser with #7 precision metal nib, one 5/8 in. bamboo brush, and an easy to follow instruction/idea booklet that covers the basics of silk painting. #1770

$ 20.96

Createx Acrylic Colors 16 oz. bottle orange

15 colors to choose from!

Createx Acrylic Colors

Uniquely vibrant opaque colors with limitless qualities. Createx Acrylic Colors will not lose brightness or intensity when applied to dark surfaces and are suited for all natural or synthetic fibers, leathers, canvas, art boards, papers, and clays. This non-toxic, water-based acrylic paint is formulated to work ideally with fabric painting, screen-printing, sign painting, brushwork, or nearly any art technique. Createx Acrylic Colors are soft, permanent when heat set, and colors will not crack or rub off. Createx Colors are washfast when heat set.

Additional sizes available - click the BUY button for more details

Jacquard Lumiere Colors 2.25 oz. jar hi-lite red

16 colors to choose from!

Jacquard Lumiere Colors

Super smooth Lumiere glides onto any surface when airbrushed or handpainted with a soft brush. Jacquard Lumiere can be screened, stamped, stenciled, marbled, printed, or airbrushed (25% water mix required for airbrush), producing one-of-a-kind creations on many surfaces including wood, canvas, paper, and fabrics. Smooth application even on soft, uneven textures such as Styrofoam. It's opaque and bright, even on dark backgrounds, and Lumiere's high pigmentation provides excellent, truly opaque coverage with just one pass. Painted fabric becomes washable and dry cleanable when set with a hot iron or dryer. Remains flexible and soft. Available in Hi-Lite, Pearlescent, and Metallic Colors. Hi-Lite colors are only meant for use on dark colors. Super Sparkle has multi-color sparkles.

$ 4.16

MPK CO. Glo-Paint 1 oz. red

8 colors to choose from!

MPK CO. Glo-Paint - 1 oz. bottles

Apply to most surfaces, including plastic, metal, glass, wood, and fabric (let dry 72 hours before washing). Each time the paint is exposed to light for 15 minutes or more, it will glow in the dark for up to 24 hours. Water clean up. Non-flammable and acid free. Non toxic ASTM D-4236. 1 oz./30 ml tubes. Made in the U.S.A. Once dry, Glo-paint can withstand temperatures up to 130 degrees.

$ 2.29

Plaid Mod Podge 8 oz. fabric

7 colors to choose from!

Plaid Mod Podge

Mod Podge is the original all-in-one sealer, glue, and finish. It's excellent for decoupage and is perfect for wood, paper, fabric, and other porous surfaces. This water based formula dries clear and holds tight. Mod Podge is non-toxic and cleans up with just soap and water, so it's great for kids. It protects acrylic paints, stains, fabric, and more. Available in three finishes. Gloss finish dries to a high-gloss shine. Matte finish creates a more muted look. Sparkle finish adds a glistening finish to any project. Sand between coats for an ultra-smooth finish. Outdoor Mod Podge--seals and protects wood, terra cotta, slate, and tin items that will be outdoors. Fabric Mod Podge--apply paper or fabric swatches to wearables, totes, banners, and more. An exciting new way to embellish your clothes and your home. Paper Mod Podge--acid free water based sealer, glue and finish. Available in matte or gloss finish specifically for all paper projects.

Additional sizes available - click the BUY button for more details

Plaid Textile Medium 4 oz. bottle

Plaid Textile Medium

Create permanent, washable, painted effects on fabric. Allows paint to penetrate fibers and actually become part of the fabric, yet maintains fabric hand. Great for all fabric painting techniques. Non-toxic, waterbased.

$ 2.26

Uchida Calligraphy Paint Markers medium chisel point metallic gold

Uchida Calligraphy Paint Markers medium chisel point

Permanently covers nearly any surface--light or dark paper, glass, wood, porcelain, metal, mirrors, or fabric. Acid-free and non-toxic. Medium point.

$ 2.55

Duncan Tulip Pearl Dimensional Paint 1.25 oz. bottle antique gold

6 colors to choose from!

Duncan Tulip Pearl Dimensional Paint

Paint has a soft, shimmering pearl finish. Available in 1.25 oz. and 4 oz. sizes; 1.25 oz. bottle stands on its cap so the paint is always toward the tip. Both sizes have a fine line tip.

Additional sizes available - click the BUY button for more details

$ 1.49

Jacquard Susan Pickering Rothamel Pinata Colors 1 oz. claro extender

17 colors to choose from!

Jacquard Susan Pickering Rothamel Pinata Colors

Pinata Colors from artist Susan Pickering Rothamel and Jacquard are indelible, intense, color saturated, transparent, acid-free, alcohol-based colorants. Use these vibrant colors in a variety of applications, including leather and marble-like faux finish backgrounds, rubber stamping, fiber arts, calligraphy, glass painting and airbrushing. Use Pinata on paper, glass, plastic and metal just to name a few surfaces. Highly adaptable, these colors can also be mixed with a variety of other products to produce unique color blending. Pinata is currently available in 17 vibrant colors. It has its own special Clean-Up solution and Claro Extender. Colorless, Claro is ideal for transparentizing and extending the colorant. The Clean-Up contains a brush moisturizer to keep brushes soft and pliable.

$ 2.93

artSparx Artist Paint Specials
Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic Colors 8 oz. jar prussian blue

Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic Colors 8 oz.

Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic Colors have a buttery paste consistency that, when dry, retains the texture left by the brush or painting knife. It is recommended when the artist wants the pull, feel, and look of a heavy bodied paint. These paints have the most responsive characteristics of any paint available to today's artist. They thin, mix and clean with water. They dry rapidly after which they are water insoluable. They do not yellow with age. The result is permanent, durable and brilliant color. Polymer based paints are extremely versatile. They can create transluscent glazes or traditional brush stroke paintings. Applied with a painting knife they can impart thick impasto. They can simulate transparent watercolor washes or act as an opaque tempera or gouache. They can be applied to any porous, non-oily surface including canvas, paper, board, film, masonry and wood.

$ 11.86

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Travel Bag Set  half pan set of 14 travel bag set

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Travel Bag Set half pan set of 14 travel bag set

The portable watercolor studio, this set features a sturdy blue, water-resistant nylon bag designed to hold all of the Cotman paints and accessories that you will need to paint on the go. Set comes complete with a Cotman watercolor compact set containing 14 half pans in a plastic case that unfolds to expose several mixing wells and a brush, one each of Cotman brushes series 111 nos. 2 & 6, one 5 in. x 8 in. Cotman watercolor paper pad, one 2B Derwent sketching pencil, one paper palette, one water bottle and a folding bucket. Cotman Compact Set includes lemon yellow hue, cadmium yellow hue, cadmium red pale hue, cadmium red hue, alizarin crimson hue, purple lake, ultramarine, cerulean blue hue, sap green, viridian hue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber and chinese white.Outside dimensions:9 1/2 in. wide7 in. tall3 1/2 in. deep

$ 67.71

Pro Art Paint Rite Watercolor Tray 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. plastic - six wells

Pro Art Paint Rite Watercolor Tray 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. plastic - six wells

Sturdy trays with rounded corners and easy to clean surfaces. Size 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. contains 6 mixing compartments.

$ 1.27

Grumbacher Academy Intro Watercolor Set .25 oz. tubes set of 6 with paper and brush

Grumbacher Academy Intro Watercolor Set .25 oz. tubes set of 6 with paper and brush

Set includes six .25 oz. tubes of Academy watercolors including thalo red, ultra blue, lemon yellow, burnt sienna, gamboge, Grumbacher red, six 9.25 in. x 12 in. sheets of watercolor paper, one #6 Grumbacher watercolor brush and an instruction booklet.

$ 21.32


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