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23kt Edible Gold
& Silver Leaf

Add to cakes, cookies, champagne and much more!

Because everyday is a celebration; birthdays, weddings, graduation or just a happy day, the GildedPlanet brings the art of gilding to all celebrations and festivities! Delivered in
a decorative gift box, each kit includes .35 grams of Edible Gold flakes or Edible Gold dust with "Romantic Recipes," a recipe card of cocktails and dessert ideas using Edible Gold leaf.

$ 39.99
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Genuine Leaf
  Genuine Gold Leaf
  Silver Leaf
  Palladium Leaf
Metal Leaf
  Composition Gold Leaf
  Aluminum Leaf
  Copper Leaf
  Variegated Leaf
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Special Price

Composition Leaf

$ 900.00 per 10,000 leaf box!
$ 525.00 per 5,000 leaf box

Copper Leaf

$ 545.00 per 5,000 leaf box

Aluminum Leaf

$ 525.00 per 5,000 leaf box

Riunite brand schlagmetal

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Sepp Metal Composition Leaf  books gold pack of 20

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Metal Composition Leaf
Individual books

Made from various metallic alloys that simulate gold or silver. Items covered with imitation leaf will tarnish unless they are varnished or sealed. Sheets of imitation leaf are approximately 5.5 in. x 5.5 in. 25 sheets per book, 20 books to a pack. Copper leaf is genuine copper.

Imitation Dutch Gold - $ 5.75
Aluminum - $ 5.75
Copper - $ 6.75
Gilding Kits - Imitation Gold,
Aluminum and Copper - $ 18.00

Metal Leaf Sample Pack!

Sepp Metal Composition Leaf  books gold pack of 20

1 book Imitation Gold Leaf
1 book Aluminum Leaf
1 book Copper Leaf

$ 17.50

Special request? Ask Us.

Monarch 23-Karat Gold Leaf  surface gold 25 sheets per book - pack of 20 books
Monarch 23-Karat Gold Leaf

Surface Gold Leaf is used for flat surface gilding or decorating, raised letters or truck lettering. Patent Gold Leaf is recommended when gilding needs to be done outside, especially on a windy day. It cannot be used with water size. One book contains 25 leaves and covers about 1 1/2 square feet. One leaf is 3 3/38 in. square.


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Monarch Silver Leaf  silver leaf - book of 25 sheets

Monarch Silver Leaf - Pack 500 leaves

Made from genuine silver containing no gold or other alloys. Silver leaf will tarnish like all objects made from pure silver. Applied in a similar manner to gold leaf. 3 3/4 in. x 3 3/4 in. sheets. 25 sheets per book, 20 books (500 individual sheets) per pack.

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Sepp Basic Gilding Kit  basic gilding kit

Complete Gilding Kit

Includes all the tools and materials to apply imitation gold leaf aluminum or copper leaf. Set contains one 4 oz. bottle of Gilding Size, natural hair brush, cotton and mixing sticks, wet/dry paper and book of leaf. Water-based. Each book contains 25 leaves. Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5" square. Approx coverage is 5.25 sq. ft.

$ 24.95

Rolco Quick Dry Size 1/2 pt.

Gilder's Glue
Rolco Quick Dry Size 1/4 pt.

Clear and fast. Works equally well with gold or aluminum leaf. Ideal for rush jobs, ready to gild in one to three hours. Color may be added if desired.

artSparx discounted special $ 5.53

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