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Art Nouveau
Ceiling Medallion

Authentic Period moldings, ceiling medallions, cornices, columns and much more. All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.




Special Features
Creating the perfect antique glaze

Antiquing is the process of aging a surface to produce a time-worn appearance. There are many methods of antiquing objects, furniture, mural paintings and wall surfaces. 

Also featuring:
Color mixing recipes 
Color and painting tips
Design techniques

and much more!




Antiquing Center Furniture Center Color Center Gilding Center Plaster Effects

artSparx offers fundamental design concepts. Each feature is broken down into basic elements
to help you understand, then implement that style within your own life. 
Put the power into your hands to shape the world you live in.

Design Style Features

Adam Style
Adirondack Style
Americana Style 
American Country Style
Art Deco Style
Art Nouveau Style
American Arts & Crafts 
Elements of Arts and Crafts Style NEW
Baroque Style
Bauhaus Style
Bungalow Style
Caribbean Style
Country French Style
CountryElements of Style - NEW
Craftsman Style
Elements of Craftsman Style NEW
Diner Style
Door Styles from around the world
Edwardian Style

English Country Style

Federal Style
Fifties Style
Flea Market Style 
Georgian Style
Gothic Style 
International Style
Japanese Style 
Log Cabin Style 
Miami Modern Style - MiMo Style
Mission Style
Elements of Mission Style NEW
Mexican Style
Modern Style
Neoclassical Style
New Orleans Style
Queen Anne Style
Elements of Queen Anne Style - NEW
Rocky Mountain Style
Romantic Country Style
Rustic French Style
Rustic French Elements of Style - NEW
Swedish Folk Style
Tudor Style
Tuscan Style 
Tuscan Elements of Style - NEW
Victorian Style
Window Styles through the Ages

Understanding and using Color!

Using Colors for residential and commercial interiors


Design Style Central!

Visit the artSparx Book store for dozens of books on Interior Design Styles from around the world



Hand Painted Floors

Classic yellow and white
checker pattern.

The magic of a painted floor can transform a common space into a unique and beautiful expression of you and your families personality.
You can paint entrance floors, children's rooms, porches, or just about any wooden floor.

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Search for questions on just about any art, design and home decor subject. 

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Gilding made easy!
Canvas stretching
Picture and painting framing tips
Transferring patterns and images to any surface 
Create perfect ovals and circles 
Lettering made simple


Wood Staining - Furniture staining 
Patching drywall 
Basic techniques to master
Preparing your Surfaces
Priming - interior, exterior, and furniture
Material and product descriptions 
Paint & varnish removers
Sanding techniques
Sealers & sealants
Solvents & thinners

Ceiling Medallion

Authentic Period moldings, ceiling medallions, cornices, columns and much more. All crafted in genuine plaster.
For commercial and residential environments.



Color washing
This beautiful effect
looks like floating color!

Celebration  Special!

23kt Edible Gold Leaf

Add to cakes, cookies, champagne and much more!

Because everyday is a celebration; birthdays, weddings, graduation or just a happy day, the GildedPlanet brings the art of gilding to all celebrations and festivities! Delivered in
a decorative gift box, each kit includes .35 grams of Edible Gold flakes or Edible Gold dust with "Romantic Recipes," a recipe card of cocktails and dessert ideas using Edible Gold leaf.

learn more


Gilded Ceilings
& large surface areas

Gilded Ceiling Tutorials
Gilding Ceilings and large area surfaces like walls has never been easier. Learn how now!

Purchase Ribbon Leaf for large area surfaces!

Exterior Gilding
Architectural Details, wrought Iron and more!

Exterior Gold Leafing Techniques
Practical information for completing your exterior gilding project with expertise, and durability.



Have a question? Ask artSparx  

Decorative paint and glazing techniques


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