- Mixol Universal tinter and colorant for paint, glaze, waxes and decorative plasters

Mixol Tinters

Multi-purpose tinting paste - Universal tinter - Colorant for oil based, water based paints, glazes waxes, sealers and decorative plasters

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MIXOL - Mixol is a binder-free multi-purpose tinting paste - not a ready paint!

Mixol forms no skin or lumps and will not dry out. It can be stored for many years and so it is extremely economical.

Mixol, a high-quality tinting paste made in Germany, is highly concentrated and will add color to almost any type of paint or coating materials. A binder-free, glycol-based product, Mixol is made for hand mixing and is easily suspended in water, oil or solvent bases. Colors are so concentrated that Mixol is usually measured by drops, not ounces. The product is very popular with faux finishers who want to color-correct a batch of paint.

Mixol Tints

Item Color Name 200 ml - 8.4 oz
500 ml - 16.8 oz
G/01 Black - 200 ml $29.95
B/01 Black - 500 ml $68.50
G/02 Raw Umber - 200 ml $29.95
B/02 Raw Umber - 500 ml $68.50
G/04 Oxide Red - 200 ml $29.95
B/04 Oxide Red - 500 ml $68.50
G/05 Oxide Yellow - 200 ml $29.95
B/05 Oxide Yellow - 500 ml $68.50