- Varnish brushes

Varnish Brushes

Highest quality flat brushes for the application of varnishes. These brushes are made of high quality natural hairs. Square brushes allow precise application of material, excellent coverage and consistent build-up of material. These square brushes are the applicators of choice for base coats of oil paint, sealers, primers and top coats of glazes.

Varnish Brush, White Bristle. #125

Varnish Brush, Black Chinese Bristle. #916

Varnish Brushes

Varnish brush 125

Varnish Brush #125 Varnish Brush. Short White Bristle. Short Raw Wood Handle. Made in Germany. Available in various sizes.

In Stock

125/1 $ 7.25
Varnish Brush. 1" - Short White Bristle.
125/1.5 $ 8.50
Varnish Brush. 1.5" - Short White Bristle.
1.5in XXXXXX

Flat Varnish Brushes

Varnish Brush 916 - Black Chinese Bristle

Varnish Brush. Black Chinese Bristle. Made in Germany with a Nickel Plated Ferrule - Natural Polished Handle. Available in various sizes.

In Stock

916/1.5 $ 9.50
Varnish Brush - 1 1/2 inch - Black Chinese Bristle.
1.5in XXXXXX
916/2 $ 12.00
Varnish Brush - 2 inch - Black Chinese Bristle.

Color Palette


Mix enough glaze/ The amount of glaze you mix up depends on the size of the area you are working on. If working a large area, use a full can of glazing liquid. I’ve found it is always better to have extra glaze at the end of the project than not enough. v

Work from the top down. When glazing, I’ve found it easier to work from the top of the wall to the bottom. If you start at the bottom and work upward, any drips or spills occurring can damage already treated lower portion finish.

Base Color Linen White - Latex Eggshell

Glaze color Golden Sunflower

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