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Antique Plaster Effects

artSparx has created a 3 stage step-by-step tutorial series. Series 1 begins with basic plaster application, our 2nd series illustrates antique glazing and plaster distressing methods, culminating in the final fresco simulation series 3, hand-painted elements. You can complete each tutorial as a finish and style in it's own right. Or, depending on your interests and style needs, combine the tutorials to achieve the hand-painted fresco appearance that will bring your environment to life.

Feature Color

Brushed Metallic Paint

Nero Grafite

$ 55.00


Tuscan Style

Design Style Feature

Tuscan style evolved through layers of history, taking cues from the earliest Etruscan metal craft and pottery, and of course, from the sumptuous world of the Italian Renaissance. In Tuscany one finds frescoes, cracked and worn by time, still vibrant with original pigment, depicting ancient deities and the decadence of the late Roman empire.

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Product Specs.

Stucco Veneziano
Available Brands:
  Max Meyer
Baldini Vernici
Stilli Di Vita
Product Usage:
Interior Only
Pigments Used:
Universals or UTC
Available Sizes:
  1 Liter
4 Liter
5 Liter
14 Liter
16 Liter
Country of Origin:
Available Color Charts
Advanced Color Matching:
Color Capacity:
  Extreme Bolds
Bold Vivids
Average Coverage:
  150 sqft. per Gallon
35 sqft. per Liter
Product Prep:
  Acrylic Fixative and Quartz Primer Solution Suggested
Application System:
  Generally 2 to 3 Coats,
Sanding optional.
Wax Available.
  Stainless Steel Spatulas,
Trowels, or Milanese Spats.
Wet Product Samples:
  Available in 1 Liter size cans.

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Tints Available For Campiello Venetian Plaster

Select your favorite color from any major paint supplier and we'll color match in our studio before we ship.

Choose from any of these manufacturers;
Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paints, Pratt & Lambert; Behr; ICI Dulux and more.

There is an additional fee for tints used in custom matches. Please contact us with questions.

Please note: computer color appearance vary from monitor to monitor. The following colors are representations of actual colors available - they are not exact color samples. By purchasing the above product you acknowledge and accept and any color differences that may occur during use of actual product. Complete color chart are available and can be shipped directly to your location.

Veneziano Color Brochure w/ 30 popular colors and finished plaster sample FREE To request this color chart click here...
Stucco Veneziano

choose from 18 colors
Select color to purchase


Arancio indiano

Azzurro veneziano

Bianco onice

Blue cina

Giallo bambu

Giallo mediceo


Rosa granito

Rosa lacca

Rosa rinascimento

Rosa corallo

Rosa pompeiano


Ulivo chiaro

Verde inglese

Verde smeraldo

Verde veronese

Select Pre-tinted color
to purchase.

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Special Feature - About gilding products

Aluminum Leaf

Dutch Gold or
composition leaf

Aluminum Leaf imitates the illusion of genuine Silver, at a fraction of the cost. Each individual sheet is bigger and easier to handle then its genuine counter part.

Purchase Aluminum Leaf
Purchase Genuine Silver Leaf

The same applies for 'Dutch Gold', or 'Composition Leaf'. But due to the large brass content, this imitation gold must have a sealer applied to prevent tarnishing, unlike genuine gold leaf.

Purchase Composition Leaf
Purchase Genuine Gold Leaf

artSparx Book special

The Paint Effects Bible:
100 Recipes for Faux Finishes

The Paint Effects Bible is a library of faux finishes: 100 of them. Each is described on a single spread with a large photograph of the finish plus step-by-step illustrations, an ingredients list, and detailed instructions for creating the effect.

A valuable source for professional and amateur decorators alike, this book comes in a handy, pocket-sized format with a concealed wire-binding that lays flat during use.

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