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Workshop Wonders Announces New
Line of Custom Designed Bas Relief Tiles

602 River Street ~ Missoula, Montana  59801 ~ USA
Phone (406)543-1516 ~ 

media contact:  Melanie Jeffs (406)543-1516

January 14, 2002 -- 

MISSOULA, MONTANA -- Workshop Wonders embraces the beauty of the Rocky Mountains
with its launch of a new line of Bas Relief Tiles, Wildlife Wonders.  Featuring the magnificent
beasts that roam throughout the Northwest's forests, Workshop Wonders' Bas Relief  Tiles infuse
a tactile element into tile design.

The Bas Relief Tile line, Wildlife Wonders, is available in either ultra-white clay or
rich red terra cotta clay.  Additionally, a large variety of glaze colors are also available. 
Each tile is approximately 5.5" to 6" square in size.

"I use this size because it can easily be incorporated into an overall tile design that may use
other tiles as well.  Bas Relief Tiles interact with lighting and shadow to add a new depth to
any tile design," says Melanie Jeffs, chief tile designer and creator.

Owned and operated by husband and wife, Melanie and Robert Jeffs, Workshop Wonders
specializes in custom designed tiles.  Melanie hand sculpts each Bas Relief Tile Design in the
Wildlife Wonders line.  "Each tile design is an expression and extension of my
love of nature," she says.

The animal motifs include:  Moose; Grizzly Bear; Mountain Lion; Trout; Blue Heron;  Wolf;
Big Horn Sheep;  and Deer.  "I strive to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.  These animals
literally step out from the walls," Melanie explains.  "My work strongly reflects the majestic
environment of Montana."

Amidst the towering Rocky Mountains in remote Montana, thrives a unique ceramics studio
buzzing with creativity.  Founded in the mid-1990's, Workshop Wonders is a dream come true
for the Jeffs.  The Ceramics Studio was designed and built by Robert Jeffs.  After many months
of research and hard labor the new studio building stands proudly in the Jeffs' large backyard.
"It's important to me to have an outlet for my creative energies," says Melanie.  "I enjoy having
my business base right here at home.  I can share my art with my son and spend a lot of time with
my family."

It's the Jeffs' personalized approach that gives Workshop Wonders its competitive edge and
special appeal in today's commercial market.  Workshop Wonders offers a unique flair in home
decor that really brings a room to life.  As for the new Bas Relief Tile Line, Melanie says,
"People love these wild animals.  This is my most popular design line yet."

Visit the Workshop Wonders tile gallery to view the entire line of home décor products at  or call (406) 543-1516.  
Email messages can be sent to .


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