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Early American Stlye

Early American Style interiors have fundamental similarities with many design styles. Color usage and design aesthetics mingle with a strong tradition of handcrafts underling a persistent desire to beautify ones environment in simple, practical ways. These styles often use local or regionally available materials and techniques. There is a lively folk art tradition in both Early American and Rural Mexican style, repeatedly being expressed through painted furniture and objects. For wall surfaces, an Early American historic color palette of muted blues and greens would contrasts with the earthy and often energetic colors of the Mexican rustic interior.

Colonial American’s drew inspiration from their European predecessors. Current design styles would filter across the ocean and become reinvented in early America. Proportion and scale took reign over ornamentation. A neutral color palette of grey blues, greens and rose pinks can be readily seen. Primary colors of red and blue, commonly mixed with white, are in many ways a tribute to new found independence and a direct inspiration from the American flag. For lack of resources many families created their own furniture and decorative objects, developing the charming, if not novice, rustic folk tradition that has become part of our cultural past. These straight forward techniques, and colorful musings are what we strive to achieve in the following pages.

Blending Traditional and Contemporary Design
Antique glaze paint finish

Stucco Veneziano - Venetian Plaster!

Inspired by the ornate plaster-work of Renaissance Italy, decorative plaster has a millennial history, with origins dating back to the Rome of the Caesars and in the art of Ancient Greece.

It was Andrea Palladio, a famous Italian architect, who in the XVI century re-discovered it through his studies and re-proposed it in the splendid Venetian villas that are still to this day the distinguishing mark of his career. Stucco Veneziano is an aesthetic solution that step by step, conquered Venice and Lombardy, then Italy, and finally entire Europe in the XVII century. Today, venetian plaster Stucco Veneziano restores the splendor of a classic and prestigious finish.


Antiquing Video Tutorial

Turn ordinary objects into heirlooms! Creating the 'Classic Antique' glaze finish for objects, furniture, walls and more. This detailed step-by-step tutorial shows how to mix the right colors to create the perfect antiquing solution for any object, furniture, picture frame and more.

Lithos Venetian Plaster

Finishing Venetian Plaster with natural polished marble effect

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Lithos is the contemporary version of the famous ancient Stucco Veneziano. It is a beautiful and highly refined decorative finish for hotels, offices, shops, exhibition halls, living rooms, etc. Ideal for all types of interior surfaces such as cement renders, Gypsum plasters, prefabricated panels wood and its by-products, as long as sufficiently smooth. With the range of colours and the applicator’s capacity and inspiration, it is possible to attain a variety of designs and chromatic effects. The resulting coating, in addition to being highly attractive, is abrasion resistant and washable.

Spread rate: XX Sq. ft. per quart.

Method of application The product is ready to use. Mix up gently until the product is workable. Spread MITHOS LUX with a steel trowel in several coats on the withered product. Polish the final coat only. In case the substrate is not homogeneous. It could be necessary to wait 24 hours before applying and polishing the final coat.

Choose your color. Simply select a color of your choice from any major paint manufacturer and our team at artSparx will custom tint your Venetian Plaster and ship it directly to your location. Call us at 415.407.5097 or email.

In the bedroom, a colorful quilt covers a whitewashed cast iron bedstead. Curtains in plain checked cotton and old-fashioned house wares lend an authentic look: straw brooms, a speckled enamel kettle atop the woodstove, oil lamps.

Naive art, or perhaps a particularly fine antique quilt in an intricate pattern, makes the perfect finishing touch for this tribute to homespun design.

Elements of Log Cabin Style

Rustic earth tones

Rich, natural earth tones compliment this design style.

Feature tutorial.

The Parchment colorwash. Creating the impression of aged walls, the Parchment finish evokes a feeling of history and old world charm. The color density varies over the finished surface and creates appearances of lightly mottled parchment. A soft and airy finish, the Parchment glaze is an ideal way to create mood and character in any room. I’ve found it to be an ideal solution for finishing irregular or textured wall surfaces.

VLog Cabin Style Inspirations


In addition to exposed log beams, pine plank paneling, brick or stone add character, reinforcing the closeness of the outdoors and nature. A blending of natures elements, wood and stone strengthen the rustic ideals of the Log Cabin Style.


Large pine planks or river bed stones seem most appropriate. Braided or hooked rugs imply coziness as well as providing some needed warm to cold feet on winter mornings.


Simplicity is emphasized in this style, therefore a white bedspread might be your easiest choice. Checked cotton, lace bed throws, crocheted blankets and, of course, hand made quilts can quickly complete the room, inviting color and visual texture.


Shaker chairs and tables fit nicely. The simplicity of design, based on functionality, seem to lend casual comfort to the Log Cabin room. Pine furniture, knotty and distressed, re-emphasis the closeness to nature that is so enticing in the Log Cabin home.


Fireplace tools, naive art, quilts, carved/whittled objects, washboards and boilers, hearthrugs, andirons, and the wood stove will easily fulfill the needs of this style. The kitchen should display hand-woven baskets, cast iron pots, enamelware, tin plates and cups, and no cabin would be complete without the necessary hurricane lamps.


Lighting fixtures, iron chandeliers and wonderfully shaped shades for the many table and standing lamps become a renewed source of interest, with artisans such as Tiffany and his workshop creating wonderful stained glass lamps and other decorative objects. China and dishware find a new resurgence, showing off wonderful patterns and intricate details.


Simple cotton checked curtains, light and airy, is all that is desired. Simplicity with an emphasis on accessories truly creates the rustic, comfortable Log Cabin Style.

Quartz Primer Medium fine

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Medio Quartz Primer is quartz facing in an acrylic formula. It is a flat finish primer for texture basecoats and preparation. Commonly used to prepare surfaces so that they are perfectly absorbant, smooth, and transpiring. Overall, quartz primer is a smooth finish primer used to create good foundations for applications for Stucco and texture finishes. Use for large grain lime plaster. Medio Quartz Primer is quartz facing in an acrylic formula. It is a flat finish primer for texture basecoats and preparation. Commonly used to prepare surfaces so that they are perfectly absorbant, smooth, and transpiring. Overall, quartz primer is a smooth finish primer used to create good foundations for applications for Stucco and texture finishes.

Spread rate: 71 to 82 Sq. ft. per quart.

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