- Marmarino, Venetian, Moroccan Plaster and Decorative Plaster Finish Effects

How To: Venetian Plaster

Polished Plaster, or Stucco Veneziano, is a traditional wall treatment that provides a glossy, visually textured wall finish. Venetian Plaster is a natural formula composed of organic ingredients, calcium, and acrylic binders creating a decorative paste plaster for interior applications. Polishing the surface compresses the calcium within the compound, creating a narble-like finish, cool and hard to the touch.

This treatment is quite versitile, ranging from a rustic backdrop to a refined and elegant finish.

Choosing your Venetian Plaster color. You can have Venetian Plaster tinted to virtually any color tone you choose. Simply select a color of your choice from any major paint manufacturer and our team at artSparx will custom tint your Venetian Plaster and ship it directly to your location. Just open and start spreading!


Oil Gilding Video Tutorial

Quick Dry oil size gilding. This detailed demonstration shows you how to apply genuine gold, silver, imitation gold, aluminum and copper leaf to objects and furniture using the classic 3 hour oil size method. Brought to you by the folks at, you'll learn about types of adhesive, testing for 'tack' and drying rates, easy leaf application tips and cleaning and burnishing the leaf.