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artSparx Support Center

Any project, big or small, we'll help you find the best solutions for your project.

Even with the best resources available, and the best tools, we found ourselves facing the 'unusual project'. And that's where the human factor enters. We're here to help. Go ahead, throw the proverbial 'mud' against the wall! Let see if we can help it stick!

How we can help...

First, utilize the extensive learning tools here at!

Or, tell us about your project! We can help with methods and techniques, work with you on determining the correct material selection for your unique project, whether interior or exterior. We'll also calculate the required marterials based on sqft or object dimensions. We are here to help!

- Email our us at

- Call us at 415.407.5097

We believe there are 3 steps to success - Knowledge - Tools - Support. That's why we are here.

Knowledge - The more you know, the better you are equipt for success.

Tools - We all know we are only as good as the materials we use. Quality does matter. Premium materials and great customer support. If you can't find what you need... just ask us!

Support - Because even the most seasoned artists need help every now and again. Two heads are better than one. We'll work with you to help you succeed, this time, every time!

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