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Antiquing Basic Principles - For use on walls, furniture, objects, and in fine arts techniques

Easy antique finishes for furniture and objects.

Antiquing is the process of aging a surface to produce a time-worn appearance. There are many methods of antiquing objects, furniture, mural paintings and wall surfaces. These include paint effects, waxes, weathering, physical distressing and accent- antiquing that mimic the natural aging process by replicating such things as fly specks and worm holes.

Antiquing Effects

antique paint effect for objects Antique Glaze for Objects
Classic Antique Glaze Recipe Classic Antique Glaze Recipe
antique plaster effects Antique Plaster Finish
furniture antiquing effects Antque Glaze for Furniture
aged parchment Antique Parchment Glaze
bronze paint finish Antique Bronze Finish

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