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Inlayed floor tutorial

Painted Inlay Floor Border

This process imitates the appearance of individual pieces of wood inlayed as a border to a wooden floor. A variety of patterns can be created, often imitating an assortment of wood types such as mahogany, oak, pine, ebony and maple.  I’ve found this treatment to be a successful method of creating a period feel within a range of styles. And since there are very few design limitations you can create wonderfully unique floors to fit your style.


Mica Powder

Highlight your bronzing patina with these high quality mica powders.

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Mica Powder. - Perfect for artists and craftsmen alike, these powders have many uses and mix with clear vehicles ranging from acrylic and oil based mediums to shellac. You control the pigment content - use very little for a translucent veil of metallic or use more for a solid metal look. Intermix colors to create your own mica palette. Ideal for 'Flash Gilding', where you apply the mica directly over size that is at perfect tack.

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Travertine Plaster

Antique paint glaze

Travertine Decorative Plaster. Create this natural, textured travertine finish in your home or office.

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