Art Deco Design Style. Understanding this exciting period style.          

With the advent of the machine age, the rounded organic shapes of Art Nouveau crumbled before the angular, streamlined onslaught of Art Deco. Art Deco had its roots in the early twentieth century, but really took off after World War I, popularized by films like 42nd Street and Grand Hotel, and made accessible to the masses by modern production techniques.

painted floor cloth

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Art Deco Chrysler Building in new york

The Chrysler Building in New York City, designed by William Van Alen and opened in 1930. It is often cited as the classic American example of Art Deco architecture.

Art Deco was an eclectic style, drawing on sources as diverse as industrial machinery, Hollywood glamour, Bauhaus architecture, and Cubist painting.

Contemporary fascination with travel and archaeology found its way into the style as well, and the sensational discovery of King Tut’s tomb contributed motifs like papyrus, pyramids, and sphinxes as well as basic Deco building blocks like stepped profiles (the Chrysler Building) and zigzag shapes.

During the period between the world wars, Art Deco style was everywhere, from the Radio City Music Hall, the ubertemple of Deco design, to the humble Electrolux vacuum.

100 years later, Deco’s glory is undimmed, its elegance still fresh. Its simple lines and affinity with modern architecture make it a good choice for contemporary interiors, and it is not a terribly hard period look to achieve.

Art Deco architecture and buildings

The Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles. Designed by Claude Beelman in 1930.

Art Deco furniture and mirrors

Art Deco living room circa 1932

There are many fine reproductions of Deco furniture on the market. With the right accessories, a thirties-style leather club chair, a streamlined birdseye maple bedroom set, or a black lacquered cocktail cabinet can anchor a Deco-themed room.

Art Deco Style

Antiquing Video Tutorial

Turn ordinary objects into heirlooms! Creating the 'Classic Antique' glaze finish for objects, furniture, walls and more. This detailed step-by-step tutorial shows how to mix the right colors to create the perfect antiquing solution for any object, furniture, picture frame and more.

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sponging decorative paint effect


Everyday materials are often used to great advantage. Sponging utilizes a simple sea sponge to create a variety of visually textured effects. A tone on tone sponge finish, as demonstrated here, might imply the feeling of dappled light bouncing off a wall, while using contrasting colors can create a bold, striking effect. This painted effect is great for its ease of mastery, quickness of application and trouble-free clean up.


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Sponge Roller

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English Country Style

english country interiors

In the English countryside, pretty villages dot rolling hills and cobblestones line narrow medieval streets. Come in through the garden gate, and you'll find a steep thatched roof overhanging ancient leaded glass windows. Old garden roses creep around the carved oak door. The grounds, whether a picturesque cottage garden or the rolling parkland of the local manor house, are lovingly cared for. Everything is fresh, tidy, and welcoming.


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