Aged Plaster Effects - Easy decorative plaster wall finishes          

Aged plaster Effects

Easy decorative plaster wall finishes.

Create antique plaster effects, including aged finishes, hand painted details and simulated fresco patterns for your interior walls.

Great for homes, restaurants and commercial spaces. Extensive product information and easy to learn application techinques. Create unique contemporaty and old world charm in all your living spaces.

Aged plaster finishes, sometimes refered to as Antique Plaster or Plaster Rustico, is a combination of old world techniques using a variety of lime based, gypsum based and/or paint based materials.

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Pre-mixed Glazes

Ready, set, GO!

Getting going with these premixed glazes. Select one of our pre-mixed glaze colors or create your own. We custom mix any color from all major paint manufacturers. Just pick your own color from any swatch book and let us know the paint name and number and we'll send you the right glaze - interior or exterior - custom matched to your liking.

Create classic effects such as colorwashing, dragging, striee, antiquing effects, furniture effects and much more!

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